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I just CAN'T part with my 184cm Volkl G3 Vertigos for what they are "worth" on the open market. I am sure my mind will change after I ski my new Blizzard 8.1's I got from Sierra Jim  but it got me thinking though. The whole thing started after I picked up my new boots from Ski Stop up in Westwood, MA (great bootfitting shop BTW) When I went to have the bindings adjusted to the new boot, I found they were not only broken, but off the indemnified list. No luck. Salomon 900s poweraxe bindings. I ski them around 7-8 din.

IF I were to replace the bindings to keep the skis usable (skis themselves are fine) would a current model (within 5yrs or so) Solomon mount right up to the existing holes? The new boot is within 10mm sole length I think.

I don't want to spend a ton to keep them around, but if it were relatively easy and inexpensive I am game.

Begs the question I guess, is there anybody out there with some decent bindings for this type of ski out there that they might want to part with?