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Looking for best glove shells (with removable liners)

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Yes, I've searched - didn't find what I was looking for.

I've decided that a glove "system" (separate shell and liner) will work best for me.  I'm tired of blowing through gloves just because the liner has worn out.  So I'm looking for well built, water resistant, breathable glove shells (hopefully with leather palms and fingers).

I know all about Hestra, but what else is out there that will fill this bill?

And while we're at it, if you have any suggestions for liners that would be great too.  I'm leaning toward the Hestra Polartec Dry Waffled liners at the moment.

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 I like my BD guide gloves.  They are the warmest, stoutest gloves I've ever had.
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 Another vote for the guide.
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powder pipeline.   CMH and MW heli both use them.  
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if you end up going the Hestra route i doubt you'll be disappointed.  i have the heli glove and i love it.  it's got a removable liner, but i also wear a pair of seirus liners underneath, which might doubly address your needs.  the gloves are plenty warm without them, but i have a bad habit of taking my gloves off on the lift to check my watch, eat an energy bar, or whatever.  this way i retain a *bit* of heat in my fingers while screwing around!  ;)
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 So I've done some research on this now and come up with this list:

- Hestra Heli
- Hestra Army Leather Gore-Tex XCR
- Black Diamond Guide
- Black Diamond Prodigy
- Marmot Ultimate Guide Glove
- Swany Galaxy

The Black Diamond's seem to get the best reviews.  People say that the Marmots are really stiff.
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I've been really happy with the HESTRA, too.  Be careful when ordering because they may run a little small (if you are between sizes).    I'd like to think they are still made in Sweden, but I think they are now manufactured in China.
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 th Hestra XCR does not have a removeable liner...no biggie just by a size up and by a liner. i have the XCR short.  sold gloves, but warm.  so i ditched the liner and am rolling linerless.
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I haven't tried the others on your list but I use the hestra heli on pow days when I want the gauntlet
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 Another vote for Hestra Heli. 
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I just bought a pair of the Hestra Army Leather Patrol gloves and the Heli gloves as well from backcountry. Wasn't sure which ones I'd like more. I was planning on returning whatever glove I didn't like more and the Heli seems overkill as I get no powder at my home mountain.

I contacted Hestra USA about ordering another pair of liners and they said to get in touch with them over the summer as they don't have any now but could maybe order them for fall delivery! (So much for the comment on the Hestragloves.com site that they keep liners in stock for gloves they DON'T manufacturer anymore - they still make these!) Anyone one know of a local shop that may have some? The entire reason I bought these was so I could could change out the liners at lunch. Otherwise they're going back...

Thanks for any thoughts.
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I wouldn't get caught up in trying to get another pair of those same exact liners.  I didn't think the Hestra liners were all that great from the Army Leather glove.  I actually prefer the Hestra Polartec Power Dry Waffle liner for normal temps, but I've found that Black Diamond's liner from their Prodigy glove is fantastic for cold temps.  You can put that liner in any glove shell (that has sufficient space) and have a great warm glove.

So I might as well update this thread while I'm at it.  I bought a whole bunch of gloves and liners (as is typical Noodler fashion ) and have been testing them over the past month or so.

  • Hestra Heli and Army Leather - great gloves, didn't love the liners, didn't like the way they did the leashes, they weren't crazy warm (as I was hoping for).  Returned to backcountry.com.
  • Dakine Apollo - No removable liner, great fit and nice leather palm, not great for the coldest of days, probably going to keep them just for the shells after ripping out the stock liner.
  • Black Diamond Prodigy - missing glove pair "connector" and no leash (which I kind of like to have), but a great shell and a superb liner that I'm now using with other shells.
  • Black Diamond Woolweight liner - nice heavyweight liner with a leather palm, unfortunately the seams are not flat stitched and they're not that comfortable on the hand (the seams chew up a lot of space and make the liner fit tighter).  I found that they fit and felt better inside out,
  • Mountain Hardwear Polartec liner - mid-weight liner with flat seams, very comfortable, but not super warm, unprotected palm and fingers tend to get chewed up through use (if you use the liner as a light glove at times).
  • Hestra Polartec Power Dry Waffle liner - very warm liner for being so thin and lightweight, no flat seams so once again feels and fits better inside out.  I ended up combining this liner with the old Primaloft liners I ripped out of a pair of worn out Dakine gloves to create an insulated thicker glove liner.  This is a great "frankenstein" liner creation.

The best combo has been putting the BD Prodigy liner in my old Dakine Honcho GT shells.  The fit is better and the warmth was ridiculous even on some single digit days.  I actually like the fit with this combo better than using the Prodigy glove stock with its own liner.  I wish Black Diamond would sell these liners separately - I've heard that the liner in the Guide glove is also great, but you have to buy a $160 glove to get them.
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 Just bought them off Black Diamond website for $119 on sale. I've seen some great reviews on them and had to snag a pair. 
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^^^^^^^^^^ So the BD Guide glove is on sale for $119?  I may have to go look at that one.
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 Yes it is.....119.96 or something on Black Diamond's website. Pus, you get free shipping on it. 

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I used the BD guide glove on a year long mountain climbing trip around the world, in al;l kind of snow conditions. The problem is that the insert has a waterproof membrane, but the shell is not waterproof. In adiition is made of a Schoeler like material (Or maybe Schoeler), so it gets very heavy when wet.'Many times I had to use just the shell, when climbing (because with the liner it would have been too hot), and my hands got really cold and wet.

I ended up getting an OR glove with removable insert, and am very happy with it. The shell has a waterproof membrane, which stays dry, wether you wear the inner glove or not.
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I am on the same search.  Which OR glove did you buy?
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Pretty sure it was the Alti
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Thanks Rod.

Noodler, you seem to take the same anal approach to things as I do.  So I like Noodler fashion.  Anyhow, are these the inserts you wish they sold separately?

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The Storm Weight is a great liner too, but doesn't have as much Primaloft as the liner that comes with the Prodigy glove.

And yeah, I take my "hobbies" to levels that most would consider "anal" .
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"And yeah, I take my "hobbies" to levels that most would consider 'anal'".

Me too, unfortunately.  But I just hate to leave tenable loose ends.
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 I bought some serius glove "liners" that are 98% waterproof and wore them by themselves for 3 days at Vail in conditions 5* to 35*, and my hands only got chilled a couple times on the windy lifts.  They were 30 bucks at REI.  Also, you should know that my hands sweat a good amount and a heavy mitten is colder to me than the liners because of the sweat that cools inside.  Unless it's raining or below 0, i'll take my $30 liners with precise fingers.  I also don't fall for the most part, so getting them all wet is not really a concern, and colorado snow bounces off.  Even when it didn't, I never got wet.
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