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Need boots suggestion!

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Hey guys, my name is David, and i'm new to these forums.  I was hoping to get some advice on what boots to get.  I'm not a pro skier, but have been skiing for 14 years now.  Seriously in the past 4.  I live in the Philadelphia area, and ski mainly in Vermont, Upstate New York, and Poconos area.  I was just recently talked in to buying a pair of Fischer Red Heat ski's and am excited to try them out.  Unfortunately the boots i have been using were terrible from day one.  Standard Nordica's that have nothing to them, are very basic boots.  This year these boots just won't cut it (literally).  I was hoping on getting some suggestions on boots.  My budget is somewhat tight, and wouldn't like to go much over $200.  I'm a Mondo 28.5-29 more towards the 29.  I like to ski glads and mainly moguls!  I love moguls, and would like every edge i can get.  I'm 6' and weight approximately 190lbs.  My Red Heats are 170's.  Now that i gave as much detail as i could, i was looking in to the Atomic M-80 model, and absolutely love everything about them!  HELP! I don't know if i'm making the correct decision.   Thanks for all advice and input! 
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save more money, and find a good boot fitter.

read- and re-read all the posts, and stickies on the "ask the boot guys" section, and you will understand why no-one can answer a question this general.
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mntlion is spot on, know one can tell you which boots to buy, find a good bootfitter and you won't regret it.
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Thanks for the suggestions!  I know you guys are right and i expected responses similar to that.  I took a long shot at a questions and struck out a little.  There aren't any good place to get fitted around.  I know that sounds hard, but most of the places around here have very hiked up prices, that you're paying more for the fitter than the product.  I don't exactly agree with that. I'll take a look around.  ANy other suggestions would be great.  I'm look at the B-80 M-80 and B tech 90.  Let me know if any of these hit any "bells".
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Dragondima,  My shop (in Chicago) charges nothing for boot-fitting but they don't exactly discount the prices either.  I was in Incline Village (Tahoe) last season with a friend who needed boots and the store did excellent boot-fitting and also charged nothing.  In fact, these shops allow for follow up tweeks at for no charge as well.  Maybe you can identify where you live and someone out there can suggest a shop. 
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