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Wise advice / recommedations for new skis

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i currently ski on K2 PE's (164's) and have for several years.  I really like them as I am not a master of any particular part of the mountain. I am self taught and dont necessarily have the "perfect form" i am looking for fun and enjoy speed and carving vs. perfect turns. Also the shorter skis seem to work better on the east coast "hills". The PE's do everything well for me - which is anything on the mountain except the park and moguls. I live in pennsylvania and ski a lot of crud and icy conditions.  The PE's are very manuverable and give me a good carving edge that is forgiving in PA conditions.  I do a couple trips a year to breck / vail (buddy has a condo in breck) and can ski anything there. The only real negative to the PE's is that in colorado on fresh/deep powder days the skis don't float well (heavy and maybe they are too short) - deep powder is the exception and not what I base my skiing around as it is only encountered rarely.

I had a pair of volkl ac30's (163ish) and they were just too technical of a ski. i felt like i had to put tremendous effort into making them do what i wanted them to do and if i wasnt skiing perfect form they reacted harshly. The volkls kicked my ass many times and were not fun but at speed they were bombproof, unlike the PE's which have a definite speed limit.

So i am looking for an all mountain ski (i want to stay with a twin tip if possible) that is more than capable on the east coast but isnt limited in colorado. Deep powder is not a real driver for my new skis. Speed (colorado) and short turns / edge control / crud (east coast) is what i am looking for. I love the one ski versatility of the PE's and would like to maintain that capability in a new ski.

I am 34 (former college athlete), 5'9" 175lbs and have been skiing for 5 years. I would rate myself as above average but not a true refined expert nor do i want to be. I enjoy skiing with friends and having fun / not pushing myself to achieve the highest levels of skiing greatness.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks,

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If you love the PE, why not try the new version of the PE --the extreme? Also try a 174 or 179 length. That length ski is much more your size.

Also recomend you take a leson or two. Skiing is a  sport where good form is as important as being physically fit. Working on better technique will make it much easier and perhaps more fun.
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