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Utah trip

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Leaving tomorrow after 6 days of skiing. First 3 days were just groomers, but pretty fun all the same. Had a bunch of other stuff to deal with anyway. As others have noted, then snow started. skiied DV yesterday. good fun with 21 inches over night.However, as everyone has noted, it was pretty heavy for utah. Still fun tho. Skiied solitude today. 46 inches in last 36 hrs. I know my limit for powder now. At least heavy powder. they opened Powderhorn 2 for first time. Went down face which was basically 4 feet of pow. Ended up falling lying backwards with head downhill. My right ski was buried under 3 feet of snow. Everytime I moved, top half of my body kept sinking. finally some kind souls took pity and dug me out. Interesting experience, but makes me a little leary of dump over 36 inches. Great if you have the skills. I do not yet. it was great to see Utah get this dump as I return in 2 weeks.      
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Sounds awesome.  Last time I hit good powder was actually 4 years ago at Solitude.  Was staying at the resort and they got three feet of snow over night, the canyon rode didn't open all day because of avalanche blasting and the lifts didn't open till after noon for the people staying at the resort.  First ride up though I hit up Powderhorn with my Dad.  It was ridiculous, waist deep powder right off the lift.  Eventually got cruising down the run until I hit a chest deep drift and literally flipped head over heels the pow was so deep.  Just hope I can ski snow like that again sometime in my life, preferably this March at Jackson!
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