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Snowbasin did not suck today!

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After skiing on some great, but firm machine made snow since Thanksgiving & some pretty frigid temperatures last week, Northern Utah finally got the perfect storm.  It began on Saturday morning & continued through this morning.  This was not your normal "Greatest Snow on Earth" stuff, but more like Sierra Cement or Cascade Concrete.  High water content & about 3 feet of it give or take.  It is the perfect plaster to provide a base for future storms.

Yesterdays deep heavy snow settled over night with a nice layer of colder, creamy snow on top.  Fresh tracks were had all day with a little hiking & traversing & I will officially call it my first powder day of the season.  It wasn't face shots, but it was fast & smooth!

& a short clip my buddy shot for me:

Thanks for viewing,

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It looks sweet!

Snowbasin is in my must ski list, looking forward to skiing there soon!

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 Nice!  See you later this year!!
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No it did not suck on Sunday either!
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Yeah Sunday was good!  The drive up on the other hand was sketchy!
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 Great pics! I was up at PCMR today, what a difference three feet of snow makes since last week. I shoulda had my fats. From the scraps, yesterday was a big day. Snow was very light due to cold temps... Surprising number of lifts and runs open...(no bowls yet) 
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JF, your trip reports never disappoint, whether skiing or mountain biking.  Looks as if you are finally getting some decent snow.  Wish I could make it there this year.
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This mornings tracks:

A windy Strawberry getting ready to open:


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 Dang know how hard it is for me to wait for my trip out there?
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Good things come to those who wait.
John Paul chair opened Friday at noon!
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Sat. & Sun. 2 more beautiful days.  Got to run some full length SL...  Fun stuff!

Looks like a storm is on the way.  Looks like the whole mountain will be open in the next few days.
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The holidays are over & the crowds are gone.  There have only been a few small teaser storms during the last few weeks, but it has been enough to keep the skiing interesting & fresh.  The snowpack in the Wasatch has been a bit precarious as can be seen by the crown in this picture I took this morning at the top of Snowbasin (This is a controlled area outside the skiing boundary).

One thing the holiday crowds left were some decent bumps which are a rarity for Snowbasin:

Thanks for looking & Let it Snow!

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1-10-10 Update:
Well it still hasn't snowed for awhile, but the skiing is still very good.  No ice off the groomers & still making snow to keep things fresh on piste.  Today was a beautiful sun shiny day!  Those of you coming to the UT gathering do not fret...  I have a strange feeling the big snows are gonna hit right around that time.  Even if they don't, it will still be good.

Snowbasin skyline


The Diamond

No Name

Mt. Ogden, Grizzly, Wildflower &  No Name

& a clip from Hollywood Bowl

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I agree with 4ster.  Sunny and warm yesterday.  Daughter raced GS for the Snowbasin Alpine Team this weekend and finished in the middle of the pack (no crashes this time).  Dew Tour on tap for the coming weekend.  Watch to see Snowbasin on TV on NBC, USA and MTV.  Bring on the Snow!
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Thanks for the updates!  Glad to hear things are still skiing pretty well despite the lack of storms.  Staying in Ogden this weekend, so we plan on skiing Snowbasin one day and Powder Mountain the other.  Both look like great places.
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1-16-10:  A few pictures from todays Dew Tour,

Fun Stuff!
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1-19-10, finally about 10" of fresh snow!  It did not suck.

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Best day of the season so far!




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2-1-10  A new best day of the season:

Allen Pk. Skyline:

DeMoisey Pk.

My buddy Hans:

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Awesome, Jim!  I see that you are getting the mountain ready for me.   

Can't wait to get out there and looking forward to skiing with you!

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4ster can rip.

And Snowbasin isn't bad at all either
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Thanks for the pics Cirque, they are wicked cool !  Fun skiing with you, maybe we can hook-up if I get out to Tahoe this Spring.

Clffk, look forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks.
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 This thread does not suck!
Thanks for sharin'!
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My favorite is this one....Need a new avatar?

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This one is my favorite, but I thought they were all great.  It is already my new profile pic on Facebook.

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Looks like some great skiing.  My wife has to be in Ogden for work at the end of the month so I think I am going to tag along and sneek in a few days skiing.
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After the last 3 days of flat light, which did kinda suck the sun finally came out today.
Got some great runs in Middle Bowl Cirque which hadn't been open for a few days.  Some powder, some steeps, & some slide debris.

We made a couple of hairy entries into some chutes, which we decided were good for the soul.

My friend Ken entering one of the chutes:

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Nice shots, thanks.

Looks like the snow was pretty soft still but the rocks looked hard!  A lot of work on those jump turns but very nice form! I'm not sure my soul is up for that....
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Thanks--I have really been enjoying your videos.  Also, I had not opened up my wiki on Snowbasin for a long time but did tonight and noticed the pictures you appended.  They look great! Thanks.

P.S. I caught your post a couple of weeks ago about that Saturday (I think is was the 23rd of Jan) in which they opened the No Name sign line at around 3 in the afternoon.  I was on the lift when I saw them opening it and sounds like I was a couple of minutes behind you.  Best hour of the year for me.
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