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Funniest Skiing Memories

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Funniest skiing memories!!! It can be anything from forgetting to get off a chair lift to having an epic yard sale or maybe memories from when you first started skiing or of other skiers failing at the sport = ) Part of the sport is the stories you tell after a day of skiing. Anyway I would love to hear them!!!

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This one happened while riding the Shuttle lift at Sno (then Montage) Mountain. I was on the lift watching the many beginners on the trail below the lift. One of whom was a young snow boarder. They went to do the customary sit down at the top of the hill, but they did it on the side of the hill (maybe this beginner could teach some others) but he didn't bother to look down the hill. He slid only to hit a spot where water had been running down the side of the trail and slid head first down the hill in wet snow into a foot and a half deep water puddle. He got absolutely soaked while we were on the lift dying of laughter.
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  • I rode the bull wheel at Mt. Baker with my cool-guy Dakine back pack stuck on the chair. That was rad. Can't say I was laughing half as much as those I was skiing with.
  • I crashed through a wood fence in the midst of a sort of chinese down hill.
  • A girl I wished would just go away, once crashed in front of me and my fellow ski instructors while trying to say hi. Think Wayne's World when his girlfriend did the same and promptly crashed T-bone style into a parked car (if any body even remembers that reference)
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Got a few:

1) Watched an athelete's speed suit arm stretch out about 6 feet when it caught on the chair when he was getting off. Kind of like elastic-man.

f2) From the most embarassing moments thread:

Masters Nationals, 2004 at Aspen. The temperature never went below freezing the entire week. The DH was cancelled because the ruts were so dangerous. The SG was questionably safe. The snow was melting fast and water was running off the slopes.

I had finished my SG run and was loading the base chair at Tiehack. It is a small double. I got on with my buddy and a tip of my 209 Fischers caught in the ramp. There was no way to pull it out of the snow and the binding wasn't going to release. I hoped against hope that it would free itself. It did but not before I was pulled out of the chair. I was about 6 feet up at that point and the ramp had ended. I fell in a slow half roll onto my back in the 6 inches of mud and water that was pooling under the lift. I was a mess. I got my skis off and then stood up. There weren't many witnesses, but I think that I made their day. I laughed it off and got cleaned up. My suit was black to start so I was lucky that any stains wouldn't show.

3) A double eject with a full sumersault under the china bowl lift at vail on a powder day. no matter. The snow was very deep.
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 The funnest thing I have ever done and I know its not exactly the nicest thing but its to yell random things from the lift like "snowplow" and see how many people you can get to do it. Me and my friends have gotten some people to follow our directions for a minutes before they realize whats going on.

Now the funniest/most deserving thing I have seen was when I was on the 6 chair at breck. There was this smaller kid maybe 8-10 making his way down the bump run under the chair when all of a sudden this guy comes flying down the hill and pretty much knocks the kid over. Now this kid wasn't doing anything wrong and skiing pretty predictable and there was no reason for the guy to do what he did. Anyway few turns latter he loses control a little veers to his right and takes a hazard pole right between the legs. It looked painful but I am pretty sure the entire chair cheered after what he did to that kid. 
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The funniest thing I have seen was while riding the lift up to mid mountain at Whistler, Whistler Peak.  So I glance over to my right and see a huge group of munchkins in a private lesson group coming out of the lodge.  Their all carrying their gear and one of thee little kids drops his snowboard... it lands right-side up, slides over the embankment onto the run and starts flying down the mountain, some guy further down the trail sees it coming and tries to block it with his skis, but it shoots over his skis and down the hill.  I only wonder where that little snowboard ended up.?
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 I was in the bar in the evening at Stevens Pass in the late 70's during the streaking craze.  The bar had tall windows looking up at the appropriately named run, "Showcase," which is lit at night, visible from just about everywhere in the base area, and ends right at the ticket windows.

Well, someone in the bar noticed a guy disrobing on Showcase and giving his clothes to a buddy. He called the bar's attention to this and we all began to watch with great interest.  This person skied down, butt naked, to the area in front of the lodge where he was supposed to meet his buddy and put his clothes on (or at least that's what I surmised he intended).  What really happened was that his buddy fell part way down and had a yard sale with the clothing.  He had to scramble to pick the stuff up and get himself back together.  Meanwhile the streaker made it to the lodge and had to stand there with everyone in the base area howling with laughter and wait for his buddy to get there.  It took a good long while.  The bar crowd was in very good spirits for the rest of the evening.
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At the beginner area I saw a loose kid's snowboard coming down the hill.  Someone yelled, "Watch Out."  No one was hurt. 

I was going to let the kid responsible know that he should use the safety strap.  
Then I noticed, he was using the safety strap! 
The safety strap was securely fastened to his boot. 
His boot was securely fastened to the board. 
The boot was not securely fastened to the kid!

There was the kid.  Halfway up the beginner slope.  Desperately trying to keep his sock foot from getting wet in the snow.  His instructor was walking down to get the board and boot.

I think the next part of the lesson was to teach the kid how to securely tie his boot!  
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Hahaha thanks guys those are all really great!!!!
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You'll have to wait until my novel "Whiteout" comes the meantime, try this:

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i was skiing in austria and it was the perfect day. as the day got longer and warmer the slopes looked more like a motocross track after a main event rather than a ski area. i was looking for warp speed in a semi steep and semi aggressive left turn when i heard the rumble of the deadly ski chatter under my feet. before i knew it i had acheived warp speed but was no longer connected to the hill. i was now flying backwards toward the outside snow fence parallel to the snow below me. it hit the snow fence at such speed and force that the plastic fence stretched. it probably looked like something out of a roadrunner coyote cartoon. the fence stopped me and dropped me 20 feet down a ledge into a stream, skis still connected. when i left the snow in the turn they never touched again. i unlocked my skis and climbed out of the stream. i then counted body parts and began to laugh. i was without a scratch. wet and counting my blessings i climbed up the ledge and threw my skis on top. locked back in and went to the lodge. this happened 16 years ago and i remember it like yesterday. it was one of my fondest skiing memories ever. have i slowed down at all? not on your life. did something similar in norway, without the cliff and the stream.............that was a yard sale. then to top them, i competed in a race last year and won the gold medal. forgot to clean the snow from under my boots after getting the medal and had a ski unlock on the bunny hill with family. fell at slow speed and broke my shoulder blade, collar bone and seperated my shoulder so bad i was done for the season. go figure.
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Stevens Pass way way back 1957?, I'm 5 maybe 6.  Spring conditions.  Dad says ski down the bunny hill and wait where it meets back up with a more advanced trail.  Dad wanted to make some turns.  I got there and got bored waiting, Dad ate it.  So ski down the trail some more,  There are poles set up, very cool, I will race .

It was not a race, they were warning poles, it was a creek.  I augured in over the tips, no binding release (these were the days of bear trap bindings and cables, there was no release).  I am a little kid suspended by tips and tails over an open creek, nothing else is touching snow or water. It must have looked like a cartoon.   A man sees this all happen and skis up to me; "can I help you young man?".

Me being trusting soul, "no thank you sir, my Dad will be along soon".  Man stayed with me , and Dad was along soon.  Dad was laughing too hard to be mad at me, and all ended well, and it became part of family lore.

Thank you nice man, I have tried to pay it forward.
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Taking my young nephews skiing for a Christmas present. Those little guy would  say follow us Uncle. They would take me through the woods and duck under branches which I would have to take the hit  just above my hips.  Then those little guys would be laughing all the way to the bottom of the hill.  They always made fun of my equipment which was 20+ years old, which I had to glue the metal edges back on the skis with epoxy the night before. 

Later when my children were old enough to ski I took my 4 year old daughter for her first day skiing. After 3 runs with her skiing between my skis, she got the pizza thing good enough to turn and stop on her own.   On the 5th run she starts going faster then I liked.   I skied up to her and said to her you either slow down or I am going to pick you up.  She slowed down.  I then said lets stop and talk for a minute. I was aware that kids at that age do not comprehend speed. I asked her why was she going so fast.  She said, "I like the sound of the wind going by my ears dad."  Of course dad was real proud but also knew he was in real trouble with this one.  

Its the simple things that make you laugh. 
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Nice. The kids are the light of the mountain.

On the side of Mountain Run is a long creekbed, kind of a groove. It filled with snow and the wind was blowing and made a several hundred yard long washboard, about 4 feet wide. The littlest kids on the mountain started skiing it instead of the wide smooth trail it was adjacent to. Adults would see that thing as impossible and teeth rattling. The kids absolutely love it (lots of flexible, fast twitch muscles), ski it fast for the whoop-de-doo feeling they get. It is absolutely insane and watching them from the chair just above makes you laugh out loud.
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January 2md, 1982 the rental shop manager at the little joint I worked at skied down the main trail under the quad in a bikini.  It was maybe about 10 degrees below zero and windy.  I suspect he lost a bowl game bet, but never inquired about the details.  I don't recall his name, but the bikini was silver
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A bikini in that weather I'm guessing its more than a bet he lost.
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January 2md, 1982 the rental shop manager at the little joint I worked at skied down the main trail under the quad in a bikini.  It was maybe about 10 degrees below zero and windy.  I suspect he lost a bowl game bet, but never inquired about the details.  I don't recall his name, but the bikini was silver
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Hahahah, this just gives me great ideas for some good practical jokes to pull on my friends, or at least a fun bet or two.
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Originally Posted by tylrwnzl View Post

A bikini in that weather I'm guessing its more than a bet he lost.


You presume that the magnitude of what was bet on is in line with the magnitude of the wager.

More likely the wager was made under the influence; alcohol, drugs, peer pressure, whatever.
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My first experience skiing was New Years Eve 1989-90 at Straton in VT, I was 30 at the time.  After a 3 hour private lesson my Austrian ski instructor looked at me and said "skiing is not for everyone".  I was so pissed I spent the next 3 days on the free bunny slope trying to make it down and after 3 days I only made it down once without falling and off the chair lift once without falling.  I can only wonder what the guys working the lifts were saying?  They were probably laughing a lot!!!

Now 20 years later I'm a level 8-9 skier, lived in Europe and skied some of the best places in the world but I love to look back on that first day and laugh.  The only problem is, I wasn't laughing a lot back then. 

For anyone who thinks they are to old to start or can't break through the beginner or intermediate level, think again!!!
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I learned to ski at the MSU ski program at Bridger Bowl in the early 70's.  I was in a group of 10 never evers.  They started us on a t-bar on the bunny hill then took us to the chairlift.   Back then the Alpine chair lift started at the base area and had a midway unloading ramp.  They loaded us up on the chair and left an empty chair between each pair of us.  The unloading ramp was fairly steep.  As we came up to it we could see the skiers from each chair disappear and then hear a scream.  Sure enough there was a big pile of skiers at the bottom of the ramp with lifty trying to clean up the mess.  A classic Warren Miller moment.
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 I remember riding up the chairlift with one of our 5 yr old KinderKamp students. He told me that our Cocoa Shack had the best cocoa in the world and that it was addictive, like it had "crack" in it. 
I almost fell out of the chair laughing. 
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Was going up a t-bar, at a very high elevation and as I was going up I noticed something attached to one of the t-bars coming back down.  As it got closer I realized it was a ski with a boot still in it!  Just when you think you've seen it all!
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