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Male, 50, 5'-11"/ 168#, 304mm boot, in my third year of Masters, last year I was in the middle of the pack and getting better. I worked out over the summer and gained about 8 pounds, mainly in my legs. My chart DIN is 6.25, if I ignore the 50+ age group its 7.5. Last year (when I was 49) I had a pre-release or two at the heel so I went up to 8.

Skis are Rossi R-11s in 175 with the stock plate and bindings. I also have a pair of Rossi 2008 WC SL skis with Maxflex WC bindings, which appear to be very similar to the stock ones on the R-11s, although the heels are a bear to get out of compared to the R11's. I'm not sure if its because they are brand new; the R11's were skiied on all last year. I'll be using the new skis for SL courses.

I had an impact injury to my knee last season and it felt sore all summer so I'm hesitant to go beyond 8 at the toe. Last weekend during race clinic, second day I had another pre-release at the heel during GS training in heavy ruts. I'm thinking of going up to a 9 at the heel and staying with 8 at the toe. I'm wondering if I should use the same DIN setting for both sets of skis.

Another odd caveat- don't know if it makes a difference, but the old/ never used/ still in the box WC bindings that I bought are 150's both toes, and one heel is a 150 and the other a 120. I didn't notice this until my shop guy pointed it out to me.

Sage advice would be appreciated.