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tried them for 4 days and what a blast!   never skied a rockered ski or anything this fat and they are fun as hell.  

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But can ya carve 'm? What kind of speed limits do they have? Thanks.

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bobs scanned from bigsky1.JPG

Originally Posted by slider View Post

But can ya carve 'm?   Yes.


What kind of speed limits do they have? Thanks.  As fast as I have ever wanted to ski...

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Nice job, buzzing right along. Looking at some Rossi 108mm waist skis in a 186cm. Good-day.

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Speed limit, well i wasn't tucking groomers on them but I noticed that I could rip thick chunky spring slop WAY faster than anything else I rented in the mornings on my trip.   It took some getting used to because I am not use to blasting super G turns down thick chunked up mashed potatos, generally I have to keep my speed a little more in check and be very agressive in my turns, (which is fun as hell). But with the gotamas it was like the conditions didn't exist, I was skiing on steep chunk but felt almost like I was skiing on a slightly bumpy groomer. 


Demo, demo demo.

Ski's I like

AC 30




Want to try the Volkl bridge to see how it compares to the mantra.  And no I am not a Volkl fan, it's just totally wierd that I happen to like all the ski's that they make.  Seriously....  but after this weekend of skiing I am starting to think that they are putting out some great ski's. 

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Gotama 2010/2011 ski was the best mid-fat ski i tested all season long, on the groomers they were really confidence inspiring and were stable at speed and in waist deep powder they were great fun, could even ski a zipper line with them with no problems as well.


If i could find it in my heart to sell my pocket rockets then these would be the direct replacement of choice as a mid-fat all mountain ski.

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Originally Posted by slider View Post

Nice job, buzzing right along. Looking at some Rossi 108mm waist skis in a 186cm. Good-day.

if its the new S6 youll be VERY happy:) 


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Slider, You asked about speed on Gotamas -  I am 55, intermed-advanced skier, but not great.  Skied this year on 2010 Gotama 184 on a heavy snow day with a bunch of 18-23 year olds that are all very fast and on ski teams.  The snow was not expected and they were all skiing their normal all mountian skis for a fun day.   During the snow I had to wait at the bottom of each run, and my lead got better as the moguls built.   On normal days I have trouble keeping up with them in any conditions after about 3-4 runs.....   The gotams are fast, actually pretty quick and easy to manuver, and forgiving for a ski of this performance.  

They are good on hardpack, and OK on ice.  You have noticably less feel on ice and can get a lot of chatter depending on how much edge you use, but it is managable.

In the late spring they were also a lot of fun on afternoon heavy snow.... 

I am very happy and would recomemnd them... Hope this helps...

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The new goats RIP. Check my review a few threads down.

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Well, time for an update.  I'm on the 2011 Gotamas now because they warrantied my 2010 due to failure at the top sheet.  The 2011's top sheet is much more durable. 


Still love these things.  I had a chance last winter to ski them in bumps, crud and about a foot or so of powder (I ski in Maine, so a foot or so is good).  No doubt, crud and powder is where these skis are the most fun.  I get a lot of funny looks from people on the chair when they see these things.  They always ask me if they are powder skis.  I tell them, "Surprisingly, they work almost everywhere. Not sure they believe me though.


I noticed people here asking if they carve and if they are fast.  I'm certainly no pro, but I can get them on edge pretty easy.  It takes a bit of patience to get them over, and others were right, it takes a more neutral stance.  I was getting forward before and it was fine, but centered seems a bit better.  I brought my Garmin with me this season, and so far I have recorded a high of 45mph.  Fast enough for this old guy.




Definitely softer in the shovel.  But it helps you when you want to go from a 25 meter radius, to let's say, 15 meters :)

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I got the goats in 186cm (mounted -1 with Marker Jesters) and I skied the 2010 Gotamas for 40+ days last season in New Zealand.


Stats: 28 years old, 80kg and 5 foot 10, been skiing for about 15years.



They were solid in all powder lines and the steeper it got the better they skied. In heavier crud / cut up fresh / variable they blasted through / over and under  it all effortlessly, no catching and stable. On the groomers i found them suprisingly good, considering the dimensions, and it was a lot of fun initiating turns at higher speeds and throwing them from edge to edge.


I really could not fault these ski's except of course they're not anyone's first choice for the park.


Another great ski out there that really works as one ski quiver :)


Safe riding


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Goat 2.jpgGoat 3.jpgGoat 4.jpg


I,ve gpt a pair of 178's for SALE


Used last season.  Top sheets have a few dings, but the bases are sweet.


I you want them let me know.....send an email to


asking $450


ship from Bellingham, WA.

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^^^^ Wrong forum.

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