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Gloves exploded

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Well my gloves have finally died, they had a good run, and I cared for them normally but they just weren't meant for so much use. I almost feel a sadness inside me, they were just so comfortable. After taking the rope tow once, they held up fine but after 3 years of skiing, on half has busted open. Granted they are mostly waterproof, I'm ready for new gloves. My hands usually get cold so I want something warm (not to state the obvious) and I've been doing my research. I want to pick up a pair of Hestra gloves, just not sure which model. I have it down to the following:




I've heard only good things about all three, I want something that is waterproof, easy to use. I've only ever used the jacket over the glove low profile use because I like the ability to easily remove them and snap photos etc. Also I've heard Hestra's seem to size small, is this true? MY medium gloves were getting a bit tight, but were snug, not too small. Thanks all. 
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The Hestra gloves are sold based on the circumference of your hand, rather than S-M-L sizing. The Heli is pretty hard to beat for warmth. The other two gloves are great as well; what it comes down to, is do you want a gauntlet or cuff?
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 Oh, so how do I size that? Measure from my middle finger to the wrist? And I'll be honest, I've only ever used cuff, even in the deep pow and snow never finds its way into my gloves. What are the real benefits of the gauntlet? IT seems it would be somewhat harder to take on and off quickly, just my initial impression.
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 No experience with the Seth.  I have both the VC and the Heli, love them both.  VC for the sunny days, Heli for the bad weather.  The VC is great, that's my personal favorite, but if I only had to have one, that would be the Heli, as it has the gauntlet for powder and also has a removable liner which you can dry quickly.  
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