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Best Threads of the Year

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I just took a quick look at the thread topics for the last year and thought, it being the end of the season, that we could list our favorite threads.

Since we are surrounded by the "best of ..." lists (movies, air guitar classics, and on and on), why not a bear thread list (which is probably better than a thread bear list).

The thread would have to have a good base of techno-stuff and even some good old personal attacks, as long as it doesn't get out of hand. I suppose a lot of folks would think of Wacko posts for the latter, but I think there have been much better. Wacko seems more intent on stirring the pot at best; drawing attention to himself at worst. I think we could find a more "sincere" thread.

My nomination would be the "Level Nine Skiing Technique Analysis (Harpo Photo Sequence)." I liked the basis for discussion: if this guy could ski this very tough run, how could anyone claim he wasn't an expert skier? It led to good technique analysis as well as testy stuff about PSIA rankings and viewpoints. What really separated it from the other threads, is that we could actually flip back and forth from the pictures to the commentary.

Rob<FONT size="1">

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But on a serious note, the threads I've learned the most from are the above mentioned level 9 thread, "I don't teach counterrotation..", "knee bend", "reaching short turns(warning long)", and Paul *****' first post. And the equipment post about Salamon (sp?) X-scream series being for intermediates.<FONT size="1">

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Well, I could certainly nominate myself for this one:

"Best Thread to look like a fool, piss off a lot of people, and act like a friggin televangelist".
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I'm not proud of that thread and I deleted it.
I'd vote for Tag's Where is Skiing Going, and Tog's The Magic of Snow, an Eastern Thing.
We could have a vote, and everybody can buy the winner a drink at the next Gathering.

Then I saw my reflection in a snow covered hill....

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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for most humorous.. breaking wind!
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This place is really interesting.
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"Forumians" - weren't they in one of the Tom Baker episodes of Doctor Who?

Yeah this thread itself is getting close to being nominated! At least for dramatic value.

Now if we could just narrow down the best ski instruction thread... but there were so many good ones.
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There's Just Something About Lisamarie. I nominate Tominator for Ski Better than 106% of the population.
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Gee, thanks Bethany - I've never been nominated for an award before! And I only claimed to make you ski better than 103% of the population, not 106%! How would you like to be the director of the NYC chapter of XSCHUSS?

BE the skis!
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Just for the record, after talking with AC in person there is no real advantage for him to get "more hits" on this website, the opposite is probably true since the site is funded almost completly by AC's passion for skiing and his own pocket book. More hits mean more space and more bandwidth which he has to pay for. If the conversation moves people to enjoy skiing more, I think he is happy. I would not take his threat lightly to restrict people that constantly attack others on this site. We are guests in his house. Let's treat his house with the respect it deserves.
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Sorry you didn't catch the url for Gravity's site in time for your term paper but

Here it is if you still want the link. I did chat with him via email during the time of his absence and he did agree that it would be ok to post it. and he is back by the way.
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It is just weird enough that a college prof. would likely be sympathetic and try to get you to find alternatives and see if the deadline could be revised to take such an unforeseen event into account. It would help your cause if you had some printouts to show where material was deleted. Substantiation always = credibility, though I tend to think if it's really bizarre, it's probably true: people just don't get too creative with excuses, anymore.

Also, showing whether you had success in locating alternative ways to get the information or locating sources would bode well. Anticipating questions without appearing paranoid is good, and so is alerting someone when the problem arises (before deadline) then afterward. Effort does count, esp. toward credibility (why the "good student" always gets benefits of the doubt -- like this guy who has to make up a midterm; another instructor has vouched for him being a good student and I can see some of it, too, in class; so you deal with a problem, not a problem student/slackard).

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Okay, better late than never.

Well, I guess I could have chipped in but I don't know anything about Whistler - other than I'd like to go there.

I've heard great things - I don't see how you can go wrong skiing there.

We screwed up g-dubs. Tell him he can go back to his old self.

Now, here's the wild card. Does this thread qualify for any award?

Segue, what's the profile of people like us? What do we call ourselves? Forumians? I think we're all a little twisted. I know I am.

Ha ha.
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Yo g-dubs,

I just checked you out. You a Berthoud Bad Ass? You're alright. Cooooooooool mountain.

I love to follow the kids up there - some of 'em can bring it. Course, I always end up dropping 'em - cuz my skills are so good.
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[I'm leaving this one up in case others come back to the thread wondering what happend to all the deleted replies -- I'll add that there was a lot of support for #2 below, and that that support was also deleted in the interest of cleaning up this thread.]

This was off to being such a good thread!

1. How about we all agree to the following:

Can we all agree to simply not address posts AT ALL to others when the post is only critical and insulting. Instead, just let me know about it and I'll take care of it (either deleting it or talking talking via e-mail with them about it).

2. Since this was such a good idea for a thread and it was completely destroyed by unfortunate side issues, can I delete all of the non-topic related posts above and try to save this thread?

Thanks!<FONT size="1">

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AC I like it. If the kids don't play well together take away their toys. Delete away!
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What happened here? I went away to actually do some work for a few days and I missed all the hoopla!!!

Best Thread Nomination in the humor category efinitely Tominator's ski better than 103% of the population.

I don't think I have laughed that hard in a looooooong time!

Honorable mention:Lito and Harald Break wind

Deep yogic breaths...
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Yah SCSA I am at Berthoud alot, but only made it their about 5 times this last season cuse I spent most of my time in Summit. Co, Winter Park, and Vail. I will probably be there most weekends and some weekdays next year.
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speaking of some enchanted evening...

any of you ever read "Farley" (local comic strip) there are several bears that have moved into San Francisco from Yosemite. In a series quite a while ago after the big Yosemite fire, the bears were doing some singing in a night club. two of the bears names are Sam and Janet.. thus the song comes out "sam and janet evening" the other song that is sung is "Furry with a Singe on the top"

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Being a person who still enjoys "lower, base humor" the Lito and Harald Break Wind was my favorite.

Enjoyed the objective discussions during the "one way to ski" wars. Took a lot out of some of us, but hey, I think some things were learned, in spite of it all. Got a lot of people to check their premises... LOL!

Man, that 4th of July Bowl is still looking good over at Breck. Long walk, but I can't STAND it. My skis are speaking to me at night. The whole quiver is spooking me in my dreams. Motorcycling and rollerblading is not cuttin' it...

I can hardly wait for next season, and I hope to ski with more of you Bears!

¯¯¯/__ SnoKarver
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D-chan,lisakaz, I did get the link and my paper was just a day late. I was just trying to make a point about whos important to us, but never mind. I told my teacher what happened and he thought it was sort of funny. But I did really well on that paper because I brought up the fact that if we are going to be physical therapists working with dancers and athletes, sometimes we may see an injury that can be related to the way someone does their sport. You can try to correct it, but if the athlete's coach or the dancers choreographer says no, you have to do it this way, either because they think it looks better or because they just want to be the boss and not be questioned, well, your going to have a problem treating that athlete. And then theres the problem of every body thinking their way, stance, alignment etc. is the only way. So as future physical therapists, we have to alwaya be listening to lots of ideas and not just from people who talk the loudest.
So to bring this to the topic, any thread that made us argue alot about SKIING should be voted the best because it made us have to think.
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AC - maybe you could collect the nominations, and then shortlist the top 3 or so, then we might have a vote!

I'm still thinking about my favourite thread. Up until now I've certainly read a lot here and only just starting posting recently.

Otherwise, good patrolling. Everyone, let's honour that.

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I nominate the "wedge or not to wedge" thread which contains an excellent post by Bob Barnes describing the mechanics of the wedge turn and the movement patterns used in the wedge which are common to all good skiing.

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Capisco. Just was trying to demonstrate how one could and should deal with such things.

Interestingly enough, my class was reviewing Freud's essay to Einstein subsequently called "Why War?" in which he talks about conflicts in opinion seeming to naturally lead to violent confrontations (or threats thereof as means to settle such disputes). Mixed response as to the validity of this. Y'all might see an application of this theory as it pertains to this site. I disclosed said "application" to my class. Many were more than mildly surprised. It had the desired effect.

Freud ends the essay with an assertion that the growth of culture would lessen the likihood of war. One student equated this with a college education, in trying to envision a specific type of culture (Nazis had culture, after all). I'm wondering, though, if a better word would be "community" rather than culture (as in one thread lamenting the loss thereof).


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!

<FONT size="1">

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Hmm. Haven't read this thread for awhile. This brings me back to thinking about that "Ponderings on History Thread". What is interesting here, is that a college student used what she observed in an internet forum, to demonstrate what future problems a PT may have in treating a patient. And from what Bethany is saying, it seems that this has given her some perspective. So in a sense, what we discuss here, or any forum, does in fact influence how we view certain things. In Bethany's case, it would be what her future professional challenges may be. I guess what I'm trying to say is that she did not get this information from a textbook.

For that reason, this very topic "Best Threads of the Year" may in fact be the best, because it will make each of us think about what is most significant to us, personally.

Then I saw my reflection in a snow covered hill.....

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence

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Here's what I want to see (read anyhoo):

Best Comedy Category..........

A show down between Tominator and Tog !
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Oh man! I get a laughing side stitch just thinking about that!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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In the "Best technical content" category I would second JimL's nomination of "to wedge or not to wedge". It cured me from thinking that the "snowplow", as we say on this side of the Atlantic, was so very bad.


P.S. In fact, I love snowploughs. I got a lift in one once when I was struggling down a slope way beyond my ability.
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