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k2 clicker question

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I used to ride a pair of K2 clicker bindings and boots, I haven't ridden them for four years and the burton boots that I replaced them with are breaking down, is there any reason I can't take the hardware off the bottom of the boots and use them in a flow binding?
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 My Clicker boots seem to fit in the Flow bindings I bought in anticipation of my step-ins wearing out. I haven't used the bindings yet, though, but yes, I think you can use your Burton boots with Flow bindings. If the boots are broken down though, how is changing bindings going to help?
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I think he is saying the regular Burton boots are breaking (Burton boots are notorious for breaking down quickly btw...) and is asking if their K2 clicker boots will work in flow binders.  The short answer is if they'll go in than yes.  The question I have is are they the clicker boots with the internal highback or are they the ones that worked with the Clicker high backs?  If they are the former, than I would suggest going out and buying a new pair of boots.  Check out Vans, Salomon, Celsius, K2, Ride, and Nitro for some good quality boots.  One of those manufacturers should fit your foot.

If it's the latter K2 model, you can get away with it, but regardless of the fact of if they work or not.  Those are some oooooold boots.  A more updated model is probably lighter and more comfortable than the K2 clicker boots...
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