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Hi all. Greetings from the land of Oz.
2 things I need help with. Im in Toronto until the 9th of Jan and I'm desperate for a good ski. After skiing year after year in Australia, I am DESPERATE to ski some longer runs and check out some Canadian slopes. I talked to a guy from the US(ex winter olympics skier) who told me to go to Lake Placid. Sounded great but I think visas might be an issue at this stage, so I'm figuring on Quebec?
I'm a level 7 wanting more!! Dont care about all the frills. I just want good runs. Most possibly be using busses and going by myself.

The other thing I was after was good 2nd hand skis. Saw some Saloman Tornado's for approx $290 and some Saloman Tornado TI's for approx $400 (All on-line demos). Is this good? Does anyone know of any good places or deals.

Thanks !
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Possibly your best bet for a bus connection is Mont Tremblant north of Montreal (train Tor-Montreal, then Greyhound bus to Tremblant).  It is arguably Eastern Canada's most famous ski resort and one of the largest in the region.  I hear it can be busy, so you might time your visit for weekdays rather than weekends.  I have skied Mont Sainte Anne and Le Massif, both north of Quebec City.  They have long runs that would suit level 7 skier.  Le Massif is especially scenic next to St Lawrence Seaway, and not so busy.  This would be a longer trip for you, but they would make a great combination for a couple of days each and you could do the tourist thing in historic old QC too, where it is possble to catch buses to those two ski areas from downtown hotels.
I'm sure there are smaller ski areas closer to Toronto, but I'm not knowledgeable about them.
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 I have a friend from the area who read this thread and asked me to post this info.  Hope its helpful.

Porter airlines run flights from Toronto direct to Tremblant. He would have to check out times and packages available. They have a website or there should be a link from the Tremblant.ca site.

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Thanks guys. I think I'll be going to Le Massif around the 4th of Jan. After checking it out, it looks awesome. There's a free shuttle bus from Beaupre, so I'll look for accomodation there. Probably fly in and out of Quebec city with Porter. Thanks for the info. Any better ideas, let me know.
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Le Massif is a wonderful place.  Ste Anne is really good as well.
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