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Good point, NCN. Bob Barnes once told a story about a bunch of instructors called out to the slopes one night for a rescue mission. For whatever reason, none of them had their own gear with them, so they went out in rental skis and boots. I seem to recall him having great empathy with the common student after that incident.
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NoCleverName, you are SO RIGHT! Fear only stems from a past experience - or wild imagination, which adults usually have much less of than do kids. So if after trying a couple of turns I feel uncomfortable and out of control, I will think that I am always out of control.

Poorly fitted boots, skis that are too long or too stiff or too soft or too short, skis with detuned edges or just with a bevel that I am not accustomed to, even poles that are too long or too short - all of this contributes to fear by making me uncomfortable and makes fear a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I think it's a good idea to have instructors have the equipment recommended for the level of skiing they teach. This way the instructor will be able to show the technique while feeling the same things the student feels. I remember all too well seven years ago taking Level 7 classes from an instructor skiing on racing-stock parabolic short skis (I think they were Rossis, but I may have forgotten) and in Lange boots while most of the people in our class were using the rental long straight skis and rear-entry boots. Needless to say, he couldn't show us how to be in control. To his credit, he could explain the mechanics of that, but there was no way we could see him do the very things he was explaining.
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Sorry to have touched a nerve. I have found that having children is the ultimate hair-raising experience. Like 40 degree couloirs, I realize they are not to everyone's taste. With that in mind, I usually limit kiddie talk to fellow travelers.

"Fear is an excuse to decline an exciting invitation."
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Thats OK Nolo...
Me - it would simply not interest greatly... not HURT me

I just had a horrifying picture of all my patients that are desperate to have kids.... or have lost one...

Then I thought about my friend from school who runs off skiing when the pressure on her as an infertile child health nurse gets too much...

& I thought how SHE would feel if she ended up in a class with women talking about having babies.... REMEMBER she is not going to introduce herself as 'so & so who can't have kids'

NO - she is not a great skier - her love for it extends to getting away from the well meaning types to somewhere everyone isn't going to ask 'so when are YOU having kids?'

she is ALSO NOT athletic - she is one of the bunch used to hide with me in sports lessons - we would say we were playing tennis - but as despite 10foot fences we couldn't keep the ball in & the courts were at the top of the hill - we would take it in turns to walk down hill to get ball while the others talked. Sports were ALWAYS painful for us...
the only exception was about 2 months when an inspired teacher took us in hand & taught us to roll & jump & etc....
She got very ill & left just when it got to be fun
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Originally posted by nolo:
"Fear is an excuse to decline an exciting invitation."
I like that.

A wise woman once pointed out to me the difference between agressive skiing and offensive skiing. One does not always need to ski agressively, skiing passively is also an option, but one does need to ski offensively. Once you stop skiing offensively, you're skiing defensively. You are no longer in control. The mountain, or your equipment is controlling you, and from my memory, many fears are a result of lack of being in control.

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"Anything I've ever done that ultimately was worthwhile... initially scared me to death." Betty Bender
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