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Has anyone's leg been cut by their edge before?

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 I was skiing at Bretton Woods yesterday - beautiful day, lots of great snow and terrain, etc.

Anyway, I clumsily fell entering a glade when my tip went under powder and I was pulled over.  I wasn't anywhere near up to speed yet, it was more just a silly fall.  When I fell, my left ski released and my upper calf/shin hit the edge of my right ski.  It hurt, but everything seemed fine, so I kept going.

I got out of the glade and saw that there was a razor-like slice through my pants, right where I'd felt it hurt.  I kept skiing, got to the bottom, and felt wetness on my shin so I checked to see if there was anything.  Turned out there was a large gash that was gushing blood.  I later found out the fleece under my ski pants was sliced through too.

After getting it bandaged, I skied the rest of the day, but ended up getting five stitches in the evening.  Has anyone ever had something similar happen to them before?  I'm still sort of amazed that such a thing happened..
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I've never had the edge slice through to the skin like that, but I do have a few slices in my pants - I'm not sure if it's from carving ( my legs can get pretty horizontal when I carve sometimes), or my feet getting too close in the bumps.  

I actually ended up putting duct tape over it last year because I had a couple of near crashes when I was laying out a carve and then had a hard time initiating the next turn because the binding release got caught in the hole in my ski pants!  It felt a bit like when I was a kid and got my having my pants caught in the chain.

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Twenty years ago a good friend's son tuned up the family skis for the first outing of the year. Dad took a fall. Sharp ski sliced his knee cap in half. Full length leg case for many weeks. I don't think there was a ski season for him that year.
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Unfortunately I had a similar experience in Park CIty.  Got some air off of a bump and landed somewhat awkwardly.  My right ski popped off, flew up in the air rotating (twisting) clockwise and as I eventually lost my balance falling toward the right, my right leg and hip landed along the length of the ski.  I thought I had mostly bruised it landing on the binding, although when I got up to put my ski on, there was a about a 4 inch slice in my pants just above the outside of the knee.  Not thinking anything of it since there wasn't any blood, I shook it off, put my ski back on and skied down to the lift. Waiting in the lift line I felt moisture along my lower leg.  Thinking I couldn't be perspiring that much I lifted my pants cuff and blood was pooling in my boot.  Luckily there was a restaurant next to the bottom of the lift. I walked in to to get some rags to clean it up. One of the cooks was an EMS/ First Aid guy who immediately had me place my leg on a table and lifted my pants above the knee. As the bleeding wouldn't stop, they wouldn't let me go on my own and I was strapped into a sled and carted down in the meat wagon behind the god awful fumes of a snowmobile. About the most helpless, frustrating 10 minutes I've experienced.  They couldn't stem the bleeding in the FIrst Aid facility so I eventually was told I had to go either to Salt Lake City  to the ER or a local Emergency Physicians facility.  I opted for the latter. 17 stitches later (5 inside the leg and 12 out) I walked out with instructions not to ski the following day and to come back the morning after.  Luckily, I hadn't sliced any tendons, just the bottom of the quadricep.  After my return, since the doc hadn't told me I couldn't ski, I was back at it, bandaged up and protected.  The doc essentially said "I can't tell you its OK to ski,  but you're going to do what you want to do anyway."   I took that as leaving it to my discretion. The worst part was getting on the chair lift, having to bend the leg to about the 90 degree position in order to sit.  Skiing was pretty much pain free. Still a nasty scar, but it gives me the opportunity to embellish  the height of my "big air" each time I tell the story!
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 My wife fell at MRG cutting into her knee badly. It cut into the joint capsule and required 50 something stitches. Left a hell of a scar. I've never seen her wear shorts. Ever.
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 I had a student fall exactly the way the OP described.  Same gash, same spot, 5 stitches.  I saw him fall and would never have believed he could have cut himself.

I did have a ski wing around once (safety strap days) and clock me in the front of the head.  Seven stitches.  At my present rate of hair loss in a year or two all of you will be able to see the scar (unless I decide to go comb-over)

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Not that badly, but I have cut myself numerous times on my edges.  I used to slash my hands every time I tuned the skis.   But most recently last yeat at ESA Stowe, I had an explosive fall on some rollers that resulted in my skis being ejected and then somehow making contact with my hand, cutting through my very expensive Leki race gloves and then cutting my thumb.  Had blood all over the inside of the gloves....fortunately I was able to clean and repair it and the thumb did heal.   My ski pants, and boots have cuts and gouges respectively all over them from the edges.

Of course then there is the famous WC ski racer, Svidal, who fileted his ass open bad enough that he had to drop out of the WC last season.
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I cut myself badly when I was tuning my skis one time...I don't know my hand just slipped and yeah it hurt really bad...Oh and I ruined my nice Marker snow pants with my ski edges...
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Back in the day of safety straps this was a common occurrence. The ski would windmill at the end of the strap during a big crash and it could even hit you multiple times.  I once got a big 'ol gash and a near concussion when a windmilling ski hit me in the head.  The stars came out big time on that one.  This was in the time before any recreational skiers wore helmets.
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I was really disappointed to notice all the gashes I have on the insides of my Spyder ski pants.  Not sure how that happens!
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My husband almost got his ear lopped off by his own runaway ski.

He fell if deep, light powder cat skiing. he slid under the snow and came to a stop. Looked up out of the snow just as his ski came after him and sliced his head just above the ear. a bunch of stitches. 3cm lower and he'd have had to change his name to Vincent.

That's what he gets for going cat skiing without me!
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In the old days before ski brakes the skis were tied to your legs with about a foot of slack to keep them from running away down the hill when the bindings ejected from a fall.  It also make the skis razor edged nun chucks that flung around and whacked you in the back of the head  I've herd tales of people getting cut falling on top of ejected skis that happen to be on their side or upside down mid yard sale.  Those can be nasty cuts, even fatal in the most unlucky circumstances.  As for me, other than the safety strap days, I've only cut myself handling and tuning skis.
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I am at the darn hospital now smile.gif

Skiing last Friday, right ski released when I slid during a turn, I fell on the ski edge with my right knee. Skis were 4 days after servicing, so the edges were nice and sharp... smile.gif

A silly fall that happens often when you overdo a turn, but this time the results are pretty bad. Surgery, deep stitches, brace, crutches, and 6 weeks to recover.....

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Hasn't happened to me, but I've been worrying about it more since I went to a 3° bevel.

Just think, you and Bode have something in common!
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Originally Posted by JosefSchweik View Post

I am at the darn hospital now smile.gif


Be careful which priest they release you to.

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Did the exact same thing last weekend.  At no speed.  


Binding popped/toe stayed in front and kicked ski in front of me on its side.  Lost balance and fell with shin on the edge.  Felt nothing big, continued skiing until I noticed snow splashing on my leg.  Looked to see a hole but continued skiing as I thought it was only the pants.  Got to the bottom pulled up gator/pants and blood came pouring out.  


Compression bandage did hardly anything as I unknowingly severed a major vein.


In the end with driving/wait time at hospital, it was about 3 hours before we knew it was a vein and got it repaired.  Actual wound only required 5 stitches but lost a lot of blood.  Ended up in the hospital a day later from passing out/post shock issues.  


Everything feels fine now (3 days later).  Just some bruising from the vein repair efforts.


Clean-up was horrible.  There was sooooo much blood inside my boot liner, completely saturated sock and all over the buckles/strap....everything.  Oh and the inside of my ski pants.  


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Last December I going fast but got too far backseat and slid on my butt for a long ways on a steep section.  The edge of my ski must have slashed my thigh when it came off because I had a nasty cut.  But to my surprise, my ski pants didn't have a cut or even a mark.  (Patagonia FTW!)


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Anyway, found this thread as I had to keep googling if this had happened to anyone else! Seemed so odd for such an injury from basically standing (no speed).  Also, the lack of pain/knowing it happened.  Feels good to know I am not alone. :-) 


I swear I have the oddest luck.  But in the end, I have to say, there was never really any pain throughout the entire ordeal.  In addition, I am happy it was this and not a typical ski injury that can take months to heal!  


Today I purchased a mini first aid kit that will be forever part of my ski backpack and paragliding kit! Hope my photos encourage others to do the same.  Definitely, have skied in some places that would have taken quite a bit longer before getting to a first aid kit.  While the compression did not stop the bleeding, it certainly helped to slow it down...

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Originally Posted by JosefSchweik View Post

Surgery, deep stitches, brace, crutches, and 6 weeks to recover.....



Sounds like it was much worse for you, :-(  I hope you recover okay and get to enjoy your summer.  

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It could also happen walking through an icy parking lot with skis over your shoulder..WHOOPS!!  :eek Decapitated by a ski???

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Yeah, a relative of mine crashed at Whistler years ago.  Had to be airlifted off the mountain.  Nearly bled to death before he got to Van.  It's something people don't think about but if you have ever spent a moment thinking about you, there is some need to be concerned. 

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