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Ok finally got a chance to ski the Wall!  First thing first. I was skeptical about 2 things namely the center mount. I'ved skied the k2 PE with close to center mount and actually liked it but never true center. Second will I like a symmetrical ski?

First impression was classic volkl feel and amazing edge grip and confidence. Light years better than the k2 PE.
I was skiing some fresh snow at Kton, icy steep pitches and a ton of soft and very hard bumps.
These skis are the quickest skis I've ever been on despite the lack of shape. Maybe due to center mount.
You do feel the tails for sure. It took some getting used to. but the positive, it made me stay over the center of my skis and was super quick in medium bumps!
Huge steep hard bumps in the Canyon were hard but it may have been my in early season shape.
These would make a great all mountain ski as long as crud busting and powder were not a priority. The carve, they are quick in bumps and obviously they jump and park very very well.
They are a stiff ski though.
Plenty of people I've seen with the Wall have them mounted all mountain (not center) and love them mounted there too.
Again crud and pow look else where. Park, bumps, carve and jumps, this is an amazing ski.

Pluses: light, edge grip, quickness, confidence and stability
cons: long tails (center mount), lack of pow and crud perf (due to center mount?)
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