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Best Ski School location @ Breck

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My family is coming to Breckenridge in mid January and I was looking for suggestions for the best area for ski school between The village, Beaver Run, and Peak 8. I have a five year old and my wife taking lessons. We also have a couple of non skiers in our party. Which of these areas makes the best gathering point for everyone? We usually meet up a couple times during the day. Is the kids area better at any one place? Thanks

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I could give you a better answer if I knew the skiing levels of you, your child and your wife.

Beaver Run and the Village are a short walk away.  Both combined have more restaurant options that Peak 8. 
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Unless you're staying at Beaver Run or are paying something like $20 to park, the Village is the more convenient location for putting your child in the children's program.

The Village children's yard, where beginners start out, is larger and more diverse than that of either other point of departure.

Be aware that Breckenridge's childrens programs prefer to establish separation between the kids and their parents.  You will not be allowed beyond the dropoff point of the children's 3-6 program at any of the lesson starting points.  You will not be allowed within the children's yards at any of the locations except at the end of the day for pickup.

The Village has the better starting point for your wife if she is a beginner also.  If she is a Level 3 or 4 skier (mostly green terrain), the Village and Beaver Run both use some of the best beginner terrain available anywhere.  If she is comfortable on blues and/or blue-blacks (Levels 5-8), any of the lesson points of departure will be good.


For the non-skiers in your party, the Village as you base would be more convenient to Breckenridge's town downtown area than either of the others--it's just a block away.  From Beaver Run, it would be a multiple block walk or a free bus ride away.


Beaver Run has a better choice of restaurant-type meeting locations right off the ski slopes, but there is a similar array within a short walk of the base at the Village.  The Peak 8 base has minimal meeting-up spots currently.  When redevelopment of the Peak 8 base is completed, that may change.


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Thanks for the reply. I understand fully kepping the Parents away from the kids. Is it best to rent skis in the village or should I look elsewhere?
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The Village 3-6 kids program has skis/boots/helmets on site, I think.  I'll check on that for certain.  Otherwise, there are several rental outlets right in the Village development area an just across the street.
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There is gear available in the 3-6 children's programs. 
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