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I need to make a decision

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 I'm visiting Tahoe for the first time in over a year, and I have to decide between Skiing or Snowboarding. Now, seeing as this is the Skiing section, I'm expecting most answers to be for skiing, but please try to be as open and non-biased as possible. I will only be there for four days, and I'm not sure when I will go back; this means I will need to choose the one which will allow me to have the most fun in the allotted amount of time (i.e. least time falling down).

Long story short, I've skied for about 4 years and I could take about any blue, and very rarely blacks. Keep in mind I only go about 4-7 days each year. As far as snowboarding goes, I have done it for 2 years, and I have only just started blues. 

This is what is making the decision tough; I'd be fine doing either, but I'm not sure which will be easier. I skied for longer and had more experience, but I have also been doing downhill longboarding (Riding down at an excess of 30mph for example) for 6 months or so. I'm in a predicament because I don't know which will let me be better off; the experience from actually skiing, or the experience from doing a similar sport pretty well.

Can you guys please help?

Thanks a ton for any advice!
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Since we are biased toward skiing, the answer is simple... Skiing!  But really, what do you have more fun doing and which do you want to improve on?  Which ever you take, you'll have a great time BUT I bet that whichever you take you'll second guess your decision first time you're down on your butt.
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Anymore advice?
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 Well you could do both - two days on each?  I'm biased, but to me there two things about snowboarding look very annoying:  sitting on your butt to buckle you bindings on EVERY RUN and dealing with catwalks and flat terrain.  I haven't skied Tahoe, but a lot of catwalks might be a good reason to pick skis.
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I haven't been there either, but bring both your ski's and your board.  Ski or board depending on the conditions or simply what you feel like doing.  Either way enjoy the time out there.
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I think this is a decision only you can make.  The only decision I can help you with is you damn well  better go.  Ski, snowboard, free heel skis, it don't matter. Get the hell out there and enjoy yourself.
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 Thanks a lot for all of your help everyone, it's really helpful.
I figure I might mention that I am renting down here in the Bay Area at Helm's Ski Shop, so I need to pick one before I head up to Tahoe; this is another reason why I have to decided beforehand.
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Really it just has to be what you feel like doing the most. If you want to ski, then ski. Snowboard? Then do that. Both are so much fun. This is a pretty biased place to ask. The un-experienced will tell you to ski instead of snowboard without a doubt.

You might want to spend your time on whatever you are most comfortable with. You can always throw down and change it up one day by renting on the hill.

I'm looking forward to Tahoe later this week.

After I slay the fresh pow on Mt. Hood tomorrow
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