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Lessons in breckenridge

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Hello, I am going skiing the first week of Jan in Breckenridge, and was looking for some advice on a good ski school or the name of a good instructor for private lessons. i have gone to group lessons in the past and have had mixed experiences in the sense that some bunch intermediate and advanced skiers together during busy weeks and you tend to go as fast as the slowest person which serves in the interest of no one and i tend to get bored with this. On other occasions i have been with like minded skiers but all at a similar lever (can ski most of the mountain) and we have had a blast and the group moves at a great speed and we all finish the day feeling that we accomplished something. This year i want to focus more on skiing moguls and learning to jump. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Colm
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You probably won't find an adult class lesson on using the terrain park jumps unless you attend one of the freestyle camps.  You would need a private lesson with a freestyle accredited instructor to get terrain park training.  I doubt you could get a better freestyle lesson anywhere than by arranging for a private lesson with David Oliver, who is a PSIA national demo team freestyle member and works out of the Village Ski & Ride School.   I'd call the Ski & Ride School product sales office soon because he's busy.

Any upper level lesson (there are departure points at the Village, Beaver Run and Peak 8) should find you among a group of the same level skiers.  If you can handle most of the terrain available at Breck, a Level 8 or 9 class should move at your speed--or maybe even faster--and provide aid to make it all easier for you.
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Talked with David Oliver today and learned he's basically not available for terrain park lessons.  Other options include Teague Holmes at Peak 8 or Kevin Eddy at Beaver Run.
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