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10 year return

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I haven't skied in over 10+years, until today.  I got out for some runs in this morning and really had a good time.  It felt like I never even stopped skiing.  What was funny is that I couldn't even tell that I switched to short shape skis!?
We'll see if I can still run the bumps when there is more snow, I'm thinking I'll be good for 2 runs then my legs will really show their age.  Hopefully I'll get a lot more practice in before I try doing that. 
I'll bet I'm a whole lot better at crashing.

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Welcome back and Advil helps a lot after a couple of crashs.....
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I recently did the same. Returned to ski's after 15 years. The last 5 had been snowboarding. I felt like I never missed a day.
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