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I just picked up a pair of Smith I/O's on sale for $124. With two lens and a hard case, I feel this is a great value. More importantly, this goggle fits both my face and helmet perfectly and offers superior vision to other goggles that I've tried!
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+1 on the Smith I/Os. I got mine on GearTrade.com for $55, being sold by a representative of backcountry.com Tiny scratch on the lens, but I would have probably put that scratch there myself after one day in the glades.

Replacement lenses are easy to come by, which I love, so the scratch won't even matter if I replace the lens. Plus it's saved me a number of times when quick weather changes occur and I can swap lenses on the lift ride up. Definitely recommended.
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OK, so for thoase of us who are concerned with performance and convenience over price, has anyone used either the Zeal Eclipse SPPX Polarized Photochromatic goggle with one lense or the Smith I/OS with 2 lenses (1 rose for  bright light and a Sensor for  low light (I think)?

Are the Smith I/OS lenses easy to change and are they appropropriate for sunny and low light conditions? How about air leaks in the lower part of the goggle?

Does the Zeal really work as well as advertised regarding changing to high and low light levels? From dark Rose to yellow? I would be more concerned that it will not allow enough light and yellow enough for low light contrast.

Thanks, Bluebear
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I won a set of I/O in a raffle a few weeks ago.

They fit my face perfectly. No gaper gap with my Giro helmet. Lens swap takes 2 seconds. No fogging yet. Great breathability. Replacement lenses easy to come by.
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I just got a set of I/O for $95 (50%off) at Blades in NYC. I was using my good old Anon Helix with two lenses ($40) for a number of years, which has served me well. But being my first goggles, I was always curious if the "better" is really better. "Oh well, maybe if I see something cheap enough I'll give it a try." As I was strolling around the store trying to take advantage of the end of season deals, mainly looking for a new jacket for a friend who desperately needs it. Saw the "50% off Goggles" sign. So we'll now see if these are that much better then my Helix. I did notice things were pretty flat with my yellow Helix lense under an overcast sky. It became more noticeable as I learned to go faster. If these IO's are better and I can see and ski more comfortably, it would be worth the extra price, maybe even the $200 Smith is asking for, who knows.

By the way, I'm not one to pay a premium for anything unless I see a need for it first. I do think seeing is the most important of preventative measures you can take.

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