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Cause of bottom foot pain?

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I have custom foot beds and an intuition liner but I still get intense pain on the bottom of my feet when I've been skiing for a while or on a really long run.  This happens more in the beginning of the season.  I've asked several local bootfitters what the cause could be and all seem stumped.  My boots are comfortable normally, but about 3/4 of the way down a really long, steep run the bottoms of my feet just really start to hurt.  I know the boots are not too big, I've been shell fit several times and its not the size.  They could possibly be too wide though.  The boots are Salomon Crossmax 10, so 100 mm width. Any ideas?  Thanks for any help you can offer.

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 Welcome to Epicski dahy!

What kind of footbeds do you have and who made them? What methodology was used to form your liners to your feet? Tell us more details about your feet size, width.  Are you curling or gripping with your toes when skiing?  Does your forefoot move around inside the boot? Help us with more info and perhaps we can offer some sound advice?
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 The footbeds are custom cork beds made by a reputable specialty shop.  I don't recall the brand, but I don't think it is the foot beds though because I had custom footbeds from another shop that I replaced with the pair I have now and this pair is significantly better.  The liners were heated in a convection heating system and formed to my foot.  Again, I don't think this is the issue because I had the stock liner in the boots before and the Intuition is significantly better.  I'm not curling my toes and my forefoot is not moving in the boot, there is not enough room for either.  I wear boot size 25.5.  I don't know the width of my foot but it seems relatively narrow.

Could this caused when my feet get tired?  It really only acts up about 2000 feet down a 3000 foot run (e.g. off the tram at Big Sky) and goes away for the most part when I get on the lift and relieve pressure from the foot.   

Thanks for the help.
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 Superfeet insoles are a good product if made well but favor a more mobile arch.  If your foot has a more rigid arch these hard cork, non weight bearing process may not be optimum for you.  The arch should be supported but not become a load bearing surface inside your ski boot.  Another possible issue may be that when the superfeet footbed was installed the boot board which sits underneath the liner may not have been properly neutered.  By this I mean it should have been sanded down to eliminate any arch hump it had in it.  This hump would compound the pressure under your arches and possibly be causing your issue?  
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i think that bud could be on the right track. 3 minutes for a good bootfitter to pull your parts out of the boot ( liner, footbed, bootboard ) inspect the interface of the 3 pieces and give you a solution, as well as your foot.

what part of your foot is aching. i know you said the bottom, but what part of the bottom? ball of foot? arch?, heel?.

if i was a betting man, highest odds go to the footbed not being a good match for your foot. next most likely scenario is the interface between the footbed, liner, and bootboard.

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+1 for what those guys said, the only time we see major problems with the kork beds is if they either haven't been well made for the foot or most commonly have not be interfaced correctly to the boot, there isn't much shape to the baseboard of the x wave but there is enough to casue a problem if they are not matched up correctly
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Originally Posted by dahy View Post

...Could this caused when my feet get tired?  It really only acts up about 2000 feet down a 3000 foot run...

You Bet! 

You'd be surprised how many skiers do nothing all year and jump on the slopes and ski 10K vert the first day.  Yet they expect zero discomfort below the hips.  Skiing is an athletic sport.

That said there is no reason for intense pain.  See any good bootfitter.
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Thanks for the suggestions guys.  To answer your questions:  The foot pain is all over the bottom of the foot, not just under the arch.  It almost feels like needles all over the bottom of the foot.  Second, although I think this may be from tired feet, I'm not just coming off the couch.  I'm not an ironman triathlete but, do more than enough to keep in shape.  I don't, however ski all year so the senstion in my feet is new each fall.  Thanks again for the suggestions.  I'll try again at the local boot fitter. 
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also have your bootfitter evaluate for pressure behind medial ankle bone in achilles area. This could cause numbness along sole of foot. If needed have bootfitter thin out material in this area. If you have a heel lift in your boots try removing them that may also help.  Good luck..........
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