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Vail from Summit this week?

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Anyone thinking about going this week?  Matt
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Summit is supposed to get more out of today's storm than Vail.
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I am skiing at Keystone .It got 6 inches,  It looked real good at 6pm  last night!
Mark should recognize me easily in my Boston Mills Jacket.
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We ended up going to Vail- Faisasy, a non-Bear boarder and I hooked up with Mr. Vertical and Alta__.  Really nice day and some good terrain open!!!

How as Keystone?  I will probably hit that or Copper Wednesday.
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Keystone was good in the AM.  Ran into my neighbor on the gondi & we ripped it up for a couple of hours.  Last Alamo was nice and soft and they opened up Bachelor.  I caught it a little late, but still got some nice turns.  Probably not worth a look now though.  Lots of pungies sticking up, so there isn't really any good reason to be there if there isn't any soft snow.  Left at about 10:30 and the gondi line was heading for Starbucks and the Montezuma lot was full.  Was glad to be leaving...  Without fresh snow, Keystone doesn't really have anything special to recommend to it.  I probably wouldn't bother driving over from Frisco. It's no better or worse than Copper at the moment.

What's the situation at Vail?  I saw Northwoods is spinning.  Anything decent open?  I thought long & hard about catching up with you guys there today, but with 6" at Keystone, I couldn't really justify driving 45 minutes (and paying for parking) when I could get the same freshies five minutes away.
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Northwoods was fantastic -- soft deep snow all day (skied like more than 8").  We caught N. Rim maybe an hour/half an hour after rope drop -- deep.  Skied a whole bunch of powder bumps off Chair 10 too.  Just a great day, even by mid-season standards.  No groomers all day.

Btw, Breck opened up the T-Bar today.
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It was a very good day, with some very deep snow all over the top of Vail.  See all you bros in April!
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Originally Posted by alta6 View Post

It was a very good day, with some very deep snow all over the top of Vail.  See all you bros in April!

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