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Steamboat questions - I searched the forums first, I promise!

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Hi all,

First time poster here.  A little background before I dive into my questions.  First, I've used the search feature to try to find the answers I'm looking for (I found great information back when I was choosing a resort and finding a condo by searching these forums - what a great resource!), but I haven't found them yet.  So, if anyone knows of threads on this board that can answer my questions, feel free to point me in their direction; but please don't think of me as another new lazy poster who didn't try to do the work first.

Some background about me and my upcoming trip.  I've been skiing many times, four times at Steamboat, three at Park City, and at various other places like Keystone, Breck, and even once in West Virginia.  The last time I went, I decided to try something new and learned to snowboard at the Boat, and I'm planning to do that again this trip.  We'll be there riding from the 20th through the 23rd (4 days total), and I plan to take lessons again.  Last time there I picked it up very quickly.  This might sound like I'm trying to brag (but failing, since I'm still plainly mediocre), but the instructors I was with commented about how amazing it was that I advanced that quickly; I moved into a group on my third day that ended up being just me and one other guy who'd been snowboarding for six years.  I was also comfortable on all blue runs and even the few blacks we went down weren't bad.  I also occasionally wakeboard (though not this past summer) and ride a longboard (skateboard).  But, I haven't snowboarded in about 5 years.  Questions: would it be a waste of time for me to do the Burton Learn To Ride class?  It seems like an amazing bargain, given that it includes lift tickets and rental.  I'm always on the lookout for a bargain, as I am still piling up school loan debt (I'm a 3L right now).  

My companions on the upcoming trip are not yet riding at my level (well, the level I was at 5 years ago), and are planning to do the Learn To Ride 3-Day Class.  So here are my questions.  I'm looking at doing a package of 3 day-long lessons ($199 for 3 seems like a pretty good deal, and I don't really want to just meander about the mountain by myself while my friends are in lessons).  My girlfriend is not sure whether she should do the Learn-to-Ride or just get group lessons, as she took lessons last year on a 3-day trip, but is super cautious and risk averse.  Any recommendations re: Learn-to-Ride vs. the 3-pack I'm doing?  Also, would she be able to move up to a better group if the LTR is too slow?  Since the LTR includes lift tickets in the purchase price, are those tickets restricted to the beginner slopes, or do they give access to all lifts on the mountain?

I apologize for such a dense and question-filled post, but I would greatly appreciate any help you all can provide!  I already owe thanks for the threads I found pointing me to Tony Crocker's snow data website and the VRBO site.  Both were invaluable to me.  Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.  
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My only feedback would be to find out what kind of lift ticket the Learn To Ride program includes.  A lot of the "first timer" type lessons only include a lower mountain or Preview lift ticket (Preview is the very short beginner lift at the base), hence the cheap rate.  If that's all it includes, you might get bored fairly quick. 
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The wakeboarding is serving you well.  I've had surfers and wakeboarders pick it up pretty quick.  I think you'd get bored in the LTR.  I think the LTR over there is a restricted ticket.  The girlfriend may like the LTR esp. as the class sizes are smaller.

I think you should ask this several places.  They may ultimately get answered by the same person as she goes by a variety of names.  She works in the Steamboat IT but she was a Cert 2 instructor at one point.  She knows all the products there.

1)  http://my.steamboat.com/forum

2)  http://www.facebook.com/SteamboatResort?ref=nf

3)  http://www.facebook.com/home.php?filter=lf#/shayboarder?ref=ts
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