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Embarrassing moments

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 So we have all done it, come off of skiing some thing really difficult feeling good about ourselves only to fall in the lift line. Or try to teach someone a new technique only to epically fail and go sliding down the hill in a giant yard sale will trying to demonstrate it. So whats y'all's most embarrassing moment?

Mine so far this season has to be from this past weekend. I was skiing at Breck coming down to the lift and went to go through the little slow/safety turn thing they have in front of the lift. Well not really sure what happened but one way or another I go to make the turn in and the next thing I know I am minus one ski falling about 3 feet in front of the safety net. Needless to say I went sliding into the net and I heard pretty much every person in line make some type of noise whether it be laughter or exclamation.   
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Mine was last year at Cannon Mt. I had just hit every jump that I wanted to on some free style terrain on the run after I had the biggest wipeout of my skiing career. I was so happy that I had nailed it on my last run that I came flying into the base area and tried to do the Olympic downhill finish where I turn hard at the last second and spray snow everywhere. Unfortunately I forgot that a) I am not an Olympic Skier and b) my legs were dead after skiing on ice for 3 straight days. The end result was me ending up on my but at the end of the base lodge right in front of the ski racks as everyone is grabbing their gear to leave.
At least it was rainy, 40 degrees and horridly foggy so hardly anyone was left to see that happen and as long as they were more than about 30 feet away they didn't see me.
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Mid-late 1970's, Stevens Pass, WA.  I dropped over Winnie Ridge, in full sight of a large portion of the packed Brookes chair.  It was a powder day and this is a steep pitch dropping from what is now Skyline (then Barrier) to the low intermediate Brookes.  In sight of the adoring masses I skied the powder beautifully, picturing myself in a Warren Miller movie.  When I got to the bottom and hit the flat, groomed out-run I botched the transition and had a yard sale on the begginer type slope under the amused eye of a chairlift full of people. 

You can imagine the response.
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Real warm and sunny day and after a real nice lunch .....   

Put my feet up across the chair with that warm glow of the sun .... fell fast asleep ...  

Awoke to the rumble of the chair at the station and saw the liftie .... also ..... out like a light in the shack.

With my feet up, I never tripped the emergency shut-off bar .... soooooooooo ...
I got to ride down and endure the looks of a few folks on the way up.  Lucky for me it was mid-week. 
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Last weekend:

Pullingout of the parking lot on to the access road..
"Hey brabsson, did you happen to notice if I locked the ski box before we got in the car"..
brabson: "Nope"
stopped at the entrance to the resort lot to climb out to buckle and lock the box....  luckily there wasn't really any traffic at the time, but I felt pretty stupid anyway.
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First patrol shift ever.  First day on snow this year.  First run.  First turn.  Tipped over.  Awesome.
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Masters Nationals, 2004 at Aspen. The temperature never went below freezing the entire week. The DH was cancelled because the ruts were so dangerous. The SG was questionably safe. The snow was melting fast and water was running off the slopes.

I had finished my SG run and was loading the base chair at Tiehack. It is a small double. I got on with my buddy and a tip of my 209 Fischers caught in the ramp. There was no way to pull it out of the snow and the binding wasn't going to release. I hoped against hope that it would free itself. It did but not before I was pulled out of the chair. I was about 6 feet up at that point and the ramp had ended. I fell in a slow half roll onto my back in the 6 inches of mud and water that was pooling under the lift. I was a mess. I got my skis off and then stood up. There weren't many witnesses, but I think that I made their day. I laughed it off and got cleaned up. My suit was black to start so I was lucky that any stains wouldn't show.
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Alyeska early 70s' skiing the lift line below the old mid way station; dropping some little cliffs (10'12').  These are the days pre ski-brake had nylon runaway straps, very durable.  Caught something pushing over the lip and caught the strap on a stump about a foot below the lip, the binding did not release. 

There I hung upside down by one leg under the main chair in my ski school parka

The patrol took plenty of time to come to the rescue.  Heard about that one for a while.

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Just like your post really.

Skied something though and then clipped an edge on the run out which was almost flat. To make it worse I bent a brake in the fall and had to ski/pole on 1 leg all the way back with endless strange looks from people
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This is a little different. I was in the singles line at the Canyon Quad at Mount Snow.  I was at the head of the line, but got my ski tip caught in some netting along the side. The attendant said, "Single, move up please", but as I struggled to free my tip it got worse.  The nice lady in the next row said to the attendant, "You're getting him all stressed out!" I laughed and said "You're right about that!" I missed a couple of chairs before I got free.
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Sometime back, when the Independence Quad was new at Breck, we had a powder day. I came down through the small glade near the top of the lift, quite proud of myself at the way I handled the snow, (maybe a whole 6"), and planned to stop under the lift to wait for my wife. I pulled up and stopped on my downhill pole. Lost balance, couldn't extract the pole and toppled over to my right, collapsing a small pine as I went down. Spectacular from the lift! They really enjoyed the show.
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In 30-odd years of skiing I imagine that I've performed many an embarrassing moment on the snow

Once that comes to mind was many years ago after a 2' overnight dump...
I was coming down a reasonably steep slope early morning enjoying what we Australians loosely refer to as a "powder day" completely forgetting that the said slope was littered with moguls. Needless to say, the powder rhythm was severely upset until I launched off one of these hidden beauties into a backward somersault. What I forgot to mention was that this run was directly under the main lift for the villiage and was packed with skiers. I could hear a few cheers as my skis went skyward but was thinking - "I can pull this off, I'll make it round". Well, I did complete that somersault but managed to rotate a further 180° before burying myself down to my waist in the fluffy stuff. As avalanche victims have attested, sound travels well into the snow and I could hear the laughter and scores being yelled from the audience above.
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My wife and I took her sister to get a never-ever lesson.  We were leaving her at the school hill when the instructor came up and started asking who was there for a lesson.  We give my sister-in-law a little push and the instructor introduces himself.  Then he asks "are you guys here for a lesson too?"  My wife and I both say "no" and proceed to say "cya later" and turn to head to the lift.  Just as I was turning to head to the lift, I pop out of one of my bindings and faceplant right in front of the instructor...

Maybe I did need that lesson afterall!

(There was some ice jammed up in my boot which caused me to not click in fully...So I learned that day that when refusing a lesson in front of an instructor, make sure you knocked all the bits of ice off your boots so you dont look like an ass)
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Hiking up the narrow bootpack to Spanky's ladder at Whistler with bumper-to-bumper traffic.  Two-thirds of the way up, the bootprint I step into gives way and I slide all the way down to the lift underneath, probably thirty or forty yards.  There were only about 200 people watching, all of whom thought "there is no way that dude belonged up there anyway."
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I have been skiing for about 30 years now, but never took a private lesson.  Last year I decided to take my first.  The ski school asked me how I was and I said I could do reasonably well on the black slopes, so they hooked me up with the only PSIA level III instructor there.  We rode the lift, trading stories on the way, to a fairly easy intermediate slope so that he could watch my turns.  Under his auspicious gaze I turned my skis down the fall-line into my first turn- a nice slow carve to the left.  However, the turn was too slow and I ended up overbalancing and falling over.  It took me about 30 more minutes of skiing before I think he started to believe that I could actually ski.

Since so much of the lesson was wasted in having to prove I was decent enough to actually ski on an intermediate slope, I decided to take another private lesson on my next ski trip.  Different instructor, but I fell on the first turn this time too!

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 My best friend from California was visiting me in Colorado last March.  While she was there, we got 2 feet of new snow.  I had to do avalanche control routes in the morning, so she was set to meet me at 930ish.  I finished my route, met up with her, and we got on the chair to the upper mountain.  We got up to the top just as the upper mountain routes cleared, and were among the first to get there after they dropped the rope.  It was an unruly mob scene complete with elbows and all sorts of other general evilness. We somehow manage to be among the first to select lines, and I ski one of the most awesome runs of my life.  Katie is right behind me, and I get to the bottom of the bowl and start the run out back to the lift.  At this time, I notice that one of my feet feels really light, and at that moment I look down to see only one ski down there.  I then wreck spectacularly, other ski goes flying, and so do both poles.  I stand up and shake it all off, and begin the walk of shame to collect my gear.  Then, a boy comes up to me and says it was beautiful to watch me ski until that point.  He skies off, I find my gear and my friend, and look at my binding.  The culprit was a faulty binding screw - it had backed itself off to 4. 

Even better - all of this happened in my patrol uniform.
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Several years ago in Verbier, my first trip after 10 years off skiing, which was also my first week skiing with shaped skis. I tried to test my skills on a bumpy red and proceeded to catch my tips on top of each other (damned fat tips) and had half a yard sale.

No problem, only hurt my pride a bit.

Then, a girl of no more than 10 easily slides down the same line, picks up my lost ski, and brings it down to me before skiing off.

Mmm, humble pie.
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I was at Sugarloaf iirc, or maybe sunday river, but it was about the last run of the day and the blacks had gotten some smallish bumps on it. I saw one and thought "hey that would be an awesome ramp!" and skiied full bore at it. The second I got on it, it gave way and chucked me into the air. My skis evidently popped off, I didn't notice, landed about 20 feet down the slope and skid for about 150 feet, all the time clawing at the run to stop (it was pretty slick). Finally I stopped, opened my eyes and saw my skis about 100 feet above me. There only a few people on the run, but the guy who brought down my ski said "That was the best wipeout I have seen all season!" I felt proud
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I can not claim credit for this one but wish I could. Friends of ours have a Thule box. For some reason they got it in their heads that they should not keep it on the car empty. So they filled it with kitty litter - not in bags. Not sure how it happened, but as they drove down the higway, guess what kind of contrail they left. Meowwww.
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Originally Posted by deliberate1 View Post
 Not sure how it happened, but as they drove down the higway, guess what kind of contrail they left. Meowwww.

There are drain holes in the bottom of my Thule box, I imagine the stuff just drained out.
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My first time skiing in grade school, I was understandably terrible at it.  The worst was the rope-toe.  I just couldn't get the hang of it, and kept falling in the middle of the line.  People behind me and the rope-toe operator were getting incredibly angry, but by that point I was flat on my back with what I believed to be a mild concussion from hitting my head on the packed snow/ice.  I couldn't move or get out of the way, so finally a kind soul dragged me out of the way.  I spent the rest of the day in the lodge sipping on cocoa and feeling disheartened. :/
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I feel kinda bad cause I posted this in another thread, but it belongs here more than it does
My favorite for me was a day in Kirkwood in May I think.  I was with all of my snowboard buddies, and it was about 50 degrees out.  when i woke up, i didn't even get into my ski clothes.  I went in my pajamas.  Thin green cotton pants, and a long sleeve shirt.  I was at the top of the mountain with one of my buddies who's real smooth on a board while some of my other friends were on the lift up.  I said, "Nate, lets see who can make it down first!"  So we booked it straight down the hill where the race course was, essentially neck and neck, I was winning a little bit, then on a merging trail, I thought I saw the po po, so I make a turn to the left to slow down.  Bad idea. The slush that we were now skiing on completely absorbed the edge of my right ski, sunk, and ripped off my right ski.  I went flyYYYING, fully stretched out, my right arm bracing for impact, picture superman flying about to land on his right side.  I flew at least 20 feet, landed on my right arm, slid at least another 100 feet, giving me quite the road rash down my arm, and knocking me out for a second.  Then I was soaking wet all day, but kept riding.  The distances traveled were approximated by my buddies, who, fortunately for them were riding the lift and saw everything in plain view, laughing the whole time. 
all good fun

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Also as posted in the other thread, my most embarrassing moment was having a yard sale in the middle of an outdoor restaurant in Austria.

More recently, I was skiing up to my friends, intending to do a long drift ending in a steezy 360 to slot in next to them.  Well, that was the idea, anyway.  I caught a downhill edge and faceplanted right in front of them.  Right under the lift, too.

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