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Ski Grooming

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I was checking the snow conditions at Cannon Mountain and they have their opened and groomed trails listed. One of them is an easy trail (Lower Cannon) and it is listed as "(more difficult designation) winched" I believe that is the trail that has some freestyle terrain on it, but why would they need to winch a beginner trail?
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That has got to be a typo.  I looked on their snow-conditions page just now, and Lower Cannon is listed twice, once as a "green circle" (which it is) and once as an "blue square".

I've been at Cannon and seen the groomer driving down Lower Cannon without any need of a winch.

The only trail I've heard of that gets winch groomed at Cannon is Avalanche, over near the tram base.
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 It was on there for two days which was why I became suspicious that it might be more than a typo, and I believe labeling it as a blue and green is correct. They keep it one trail name but I think the top part is a blue and the bottom part is a green.

EDIT: Fixed the typo of misspelling typo...ironic
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