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Binding position on Blizzard magnum 7.6 IQ

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Recently I bought a pair of 170 CM Blizzard Magnum 7.6 IQ 2009-10.

The Binding position seems to be much more forward.

Putting my other skis on the ground to compare:

Volkl Unlimited AC30 163 cm
Atomic IZOR 167 cm
Blizzard Magnum 7.6 IQ 2009-10 170 cm

Volkl and Atomic skis are proportional.

But putting the Blizzard side by side with the binding center positions 'in-line' with each other, the blizzard tip is 3 cm shorter than the Atomic while the tail sticks out 5 cm -- the Blizzard binding position is a full 3 cm ahead. 

(Note: the actual length difference between the Blizzard and the Atomic is 2 cm)

Is that by design to make turning easier? But a full 3 cm seems a bit too much.....and the tail may 'hang'.

I will not be able to test it out until Dec. 27, and fiddle around to find the right binding position will be quite a bit of work and I may lose confidence on the ski.
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I don't know about Vokl, but Atomics are usually further back than most and on some of there system skis, give you the option of moving the binding forward.  I have all my Atomics 2 cm forward of the Forward position.  This past week my daughters race coach said she would benefit from having her binding moved forward.  She was on Atomics.
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 I thought the new Blizzards come with a mounting plate which can easily be moved?  Do your skis have a screw between the heel and toe piece on a metal plate?  If so, remove it and notice you can slide the whole mounting plate forward or aft to a variety of settings and screw it back down.  If so, test a few different positions before deciding on your favorite!
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 Check that the connecting plate is properly installed, I made the mistake once of reversing the bar which put the binding forward. 
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I think he is talking abvout the boot center mark, not the actual binding location (although the binding position is dependent on that mark) 
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 There is no center mark on that ski for the point of reference. 
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There is an arrow on the ski (center mark) which actually corresponds to the screw location (only one screw to fix the binding which slides into the side 'grooves'.)

I believe I mounted everything correctly and the center mark of the ski do match up with the mark on the boot. But just that it is much more forward than the other 2 skis.

I know I can experiment in moving it 1or 2 cm back or forward to find what I like, but just curious why Blizzard is so far forward (0 position) as compared to the other skis.
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