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Poll Results: It's off piste, 35 degree pitch, lots of terrain features, rocks, trees, drops, and gulleys, soft skier packed bumps and random pillows.

Poll expired: Dec 18, 2009 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 10% of voters (2)
    airplane turn
  • 0% of voters (0)
  • 20% of voters (4)
    carved arc to arc, RR Tracks, railed,
  • 15% of voters (3)
    slarve or sliding turn
  • 10% of voters (2)
    drift, slide, release tips, slipping turn
  • 15% of voters (3)
    short swing or check/hop turn
  • 5% of voters (1)
    racing type turns, GS or SL as needed
  • 0% of voters (0)
    giant cruising turn, super g arcs
  • 25% of voters (5)
    mix it up as needed
20 Total Votes  
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Cariving is king, or just one of the hammers in the tool box?

What percentage of your turns in the specified conditions are control turns, that is turns that scrub speed every turn?

Why do you chose to turn, or not to turn?? 

What is the best sensation from turning?

Did you ever buy a ski because it would make a particular kind of turn more easily?

Just some prompts.

 a few turn types, though the terrain is not what is proposed.
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I chose carved arc to arc because that is my "Go to" turn, the turn I use most.  However, it is not strictly speaking a RR track turn; the tracks diverge at the apex and come together at the transition.

I also mix it up as needed; I just don't need anything other than a railed turn most of the time.

Usually the turns are racing type turns GS or SL, but not the GS or SL or sometimes SG arc "speed control" turns evident in  yesterdays Val D'Isere. or one of the large percentage of SL/GS turns set too-tight for the equipment and designed to keep speeds down for safety and challenge the ability of the racers to arc a turn.

Carving is the ratchet in my socket kit.  The battery pack in my portable power tool set.  I still have, files, saws and many other tools, even a hammer (even a sledge hammer), but I use the socket set most often.

I usually control my speed by line if needed. Nevertheless, about 10% of my turns are speed control turns, except for when skiing steep moguls; all my turns are speed control turns in steep moguls.  I'm getting too old to ski steep moguls without speed control.  I suck at moguls. 

I turn to to feel the control of power.  I like to impress myself with how hard I can turn.  I like to scare myself just a bit, an congratulate myself on making the turn. 

I like many sensations in a turn; I can't say which is best, but here's a few of the candidates.  I like to feel the G-forces building up in a turn.  I like to feel the edges biting in at turn initiation on hard conditions.  I like to sensation of the edges slicing forward on hardpack or ice.  I like feeling the pressure build up as the tips decamber.  I like the rebound off the tail.  I like the sensation of a quick cross-under transition.  I like the feeling of flying in powder.

Hard to say for sure.  I bought a Ski to make better short turns.  I bought a 13-m radius ski after skiing a one-ski quiver of an old SG ski for many years, just because it would be more suited to the small turns that are more suitable to the terrain I now get to ski.  I then bought a ski with a larger radius ski to fill in the gap between the 60-ish m radius SG and my 13 m ski.  The 13 m ski definitely made the small turns easier; it is also easy to make LR turns on the 13 m ski, but the longer radius skis make the LR turns better.

EDIT: Another exception, first time down any chute, or run where I can't see what's ahead, I'm doing speed control turns.  You can bet your life on it.  I do.
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