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ski shop in Toronto

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does anyone know about a good ski shop in toronto? I`ll have to saty there for 8 hours for my next flight and I`m taking this opoortunity to get a pair of ski boots.

Thanks for your help.
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 I would suggest Skiis & Biikes. They have pretty good boot fitters, and there's a Mississauga store within a reasonable taxi ride from the airport. Sign of the Skier is okay for boot fitting, but it's located downtown, which may not be ideal depending what else you have planned for your 8 hours. Sporting Life is a good store, but their bootfitters are much better in Collingwood than the Toronto stores.
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I'll second Skiis & Biikes.  Had a great experience buying my Technica's there. 

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How convenient will it be to return to Toronto three or four times to get your boots dialed in?
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Thakns for your help

What's a good cost-benefit and confortable boot brand/model to get?
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