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Factory vs zip-fit insoles in Atomic Hawx 100

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Went to Washington Ski Center a month or so ago and after 2hrs or so ended up in the Atomic Hawx 100. The person I was working with put green Zip-Fit insoles in - it seemed comfortable, so I purchased those. I picked up the boots a week or so later after getting skis tuned/adjusted for the boots. I was playing around with the boots and realized that the factory insole was underneath the green zip-fit insole...I just assumed that during tuning both insoles were put in just so that they wouldn't get misplaced- so I took out the green insoles and left in the factory insole for the time being.

Fast forward to today, my first day out of the season. The boots felt relatively comfortable but not nearly as snug around the foot as they did in the shop. I took a couple spills (first day jitters + new boots) and I began to feel like the boots were making me "sloppy"...there was too much foot movement in there.

Anyways, it dawned on me that maybe the bootfitter DID actually put the green insoles on top of the factory insoles. I didn't have them with me so I didn't get to try that out on snow.

Basically, I'm wondering if maybe this 1) was the case, 2) is a good idea?
Are the insoles designed to be layered if needed? Is that OK in the long term for boot/foot health? I'm mainly wondering because I'm unsure of whether the bootfitter intended for me to layer the insoles or simply use the green zip-fit insole. FWIW, I think the factory insole and green insole are fairly similar in contour, thickness, etc.

Thanks for any advice!
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it sounds very much like these are too big for you, if not in length then certainly in volume, have you had a read through the wikis on boot fitting, check the shell size of the boot and see how much space you have in there... then if you find that they are too big (which, and i hate being the barer of bad news, i think you will find they are) i would suggest going back to the store and asking them what they plan to do about it

the only time i would layer an insole like this is if the boot was old and i was doing a triage job to get someone through a trip or make the boot last one more week till we can get them in a more suitable boot and even then i would use a completely flat insole/volume reducer and not a stock insole with any kind of contour to it

there should be minimal space inside the boot to fit one insole and certainly not enough room for two especially when the boot is new!!!
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Well that's not good news! Is there any bootfitters fix for this? I can't try the shell thing right now (class) but I will later. The boots do seem to be the right length (barely)..but I guess that doesn't mean they are the right size! Is there any similar boot that you'd recommend that has a slightly smaller volume? ( The shell size is 27-27.5) Sorry if that isn't enough info...not familiar with boot-fitter speak or my own feet enough to describe them! Other than that I have size 11 feet.
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sounds about correct for length (but everyone is different) a hard volume reducer (like a 3-4mm thick flat insole) below the liner may help the situation but you shouldn't be having to do this in a new boot...... read the wikis, check the boot sna dspeak to the store, if they are any good they will help you out or have a good reason for doing what they have
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Great, thanks for your help! Will go to the store ASAP.
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I agree with CEM the boots seems big... at least in volume. If possible go back to the shop to see what your options are. As you ski the boots the liner will only continue to conform to your feet and get roomier. There are thing that can be done to snug up the boot but is only a band-aid fix.
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