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Way to go Mimi

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I just came back from Loveland where the RM region held its final cert exams of the year. A group of trainers went over to cheer on our guys and girls who put it on the line. It was great to see the smiles of those who passed and it hurt to see the pain of those who didn't make the grade.

In Bob's Level 1 exam one of our Over The Hill Gang Guides, Mimi, who is 76 ( I think this is correct, I know she's in her mid 70's) passed. Absolutely fantastic. What is really super is that last year in her exam she was hit by a free skier and unable to complete the exam. What a comeback!!! Way to go Mimi.

Does anyone know of someone older passing a cert exam.

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Maybe not as impressive because she probably passed a long time ago, but one of the most requested private instructors at The Loaf, is Natalie Terry, aged 76!

IMHO, it is incredibly inspiring to see ski pros over age 50. It totally defies all stereotypes about aging, and creates a "yes I can" attitude in the students.
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Yes--way to go, Mimi! It was a pleasure skiing with her, too. She has worked very hard to modernize her technique. She did not have to subject herself to the scrutiny, pressure, and risk of an exam--that alone is admirable! And she passed strongly, too.

She may be the oldest candidate to pass--I do not know. Recall that we had a 75 year-old man pass the Level 3 (Full Cert.) exam earlier this season too--a truly awesome feat. And another septuagenarian VERY nearly passed the full-cert. exam today too. They waited until fairly late in the day for the bumps to soften up a little, and he was probably pretty tired. I skied with him in a couple clinics earlier this season, and I have seen him perform at, or very near to, the full cert. standard in bumps. He was close, apparently, but unfortunately he just didn't quite do it today. He'll have a lot of fans pulling for him next time!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Bob, that is truly inspiring. I had always thought there was an age bias in the level 3 exam. Nice to know otherwise.
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Bob, I tried to send a p.m. and you are full. Was the "near pass" a guy who teaches at Loveland and Eldora. He is the only "seventy-something" that I knew of trying for level III.

Does anyone know a record number of attempts at level III?
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There was an instructor where I started teaching in California, who was an Associate (L2) when I got hired. He tried and tried for his Full (L3). When he finally did pass on his 5th try, I was one of his examiners.... He is still one of my best friends.... And he's still teaching.....

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Yahoo, Mimi! Yeah, Bob, Frank Hicks in Angel Fire, passed his III at 75...quite a feat!
Nic Fiore just went emeritus at Badger, VSP...does Eric Windisch still teach? He is up there! At Mt. High, I have two 40 year pins, soon 3 of them! Talk about staying power and the ability to "make changes"!! I will be on my third set of Ti knees by then!
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Congrats to MIMI!!!!

It is fantastic to see how many instructors are out there over .....

Who says you can teach a "young" instructor "old" tricks.....

Erich Windisch, who is quite famous in the nordic jumping realm, is still teaching out of Golden Peak. He is approx 82.... And still kicking butt in the RM Masters races.... Though by his own admission, he is cutting back his teaching days.... so he can train more for Masters! :

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I think that passing ANY sort of exam in your 40+ years in impressive! The farther away you are from your academic school days, the more challenging it is to get yourself mentally prepped for test taking mode.

But that in itself is a benefit, one that is perhaps worthy of Nolo's "elephant" dilemna.
To keep yourself sharp both mentally and physically is as they say in the Master Card commercials, PRICELESS.

When Natalie hears of an instructor who has an "archaic" style of teaching, she likes to say "THIS is how people get old! They stop learning!"

Meanwhile, having just returned from passing part one of my overly technical sports medicine exam, I am still trying to stop hyperventillating!

I can't help but speculate, that if I had not learned to ski as a 40 something chic, would I have endeavered to partake in such an intellectually challenging task?
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