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Bought some GTS 8's last year at end of season from my local shop. I trusted them to fit me correctly, and after using them about 8 times I realized they really don't fit right. Too big, too soft.

So I went the shop today and told them that I wanted something stiffer and smaller.

The GTS was 28, and they had a Hot Rod 85 in 27.5 right there on the shelf so we tried that. Felt more snug, more secure. The GTS in size 28 feels more like a whole size larger than the Hot Rod 85 in 27.5. My heel lifts in the GTS, not in the Hot Rod 85.

I forget what I paid for the GTS - I think somewhere around $240 at end of last season, give or take a few bucks.  For the Hot Rods, this shop normally sells them for around $500. If I traded in my GTS they'd sell them to me for $330.

But, I'm not convinced that the Hot Rod 85 is 1) really a great deal pricewise, and 2) truly the right boot for me. I did try on a couple other boots and this one seemed the best of what I tried on.

I don't have a lot of choices with regard to boot fitting where I live. Trying to decide if I should go back and trade in my GTS's tomorrow and spend the $330 for the Hot Rods.  Anyone have any experience with these boots?