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1st time ski buyer - need help

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I have been skiing for the past 10 years, usually hitting the slopes once or twice per year. Because of my infrequent outings - and lack of cash, I have always rented. But now I've decided to finally purchase a set, and hopefully go more often.

I would rate my skiing at a high 6/low 7. I don't have much experience in powder, but I ski blues extremely confidently. I was ready to start playing around with the blacks last time, but it was still too early in the season and not enough runs were open.

I am 6'3 sitting at 200 lbs. The last ski's I rented were a 173 cm I think, but from what I read those may have been too short? They seemed to work out well, but I really don't know.

Thanks for the help
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You might try a used or demo pair of Salomon X-Wing Tornado in the 178 cm length. This is a versatile all-mountain ski for intermediate/advanced skiers with a 124-76-108 sidecut for easy turning and carving. You could also try the next shorter length which would be 170cm, or 173cm in the current model.

The reviews are very good and there are many demo pairs for sale on ebay at reasonable prices, depending on the model year and condition, starting with the 06-07 model. I have the 06-07 X-Wing Blast at 178cm which is very similar but one step more freeride and has the same sidecut and I've found them very good on groomed, ungroomed snow and bumps. I'm 6'1" and about 210 lb.
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So your question is "is 173 too short?"?

I would say maybe - depending on the type of ski.  Do you have some skis in mind?  Where do you ski?  Do you have good fitting boots?  Boots would be a better initial investment. 
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I ski west coast. I grew up in the PNW, so I learned mainly on mt. hood. Most recently I was in CO, it was copper mountain.

Others have agreed that the boots would be a better initial investment, so I did buy a pair. They are Lange Fluid 100.

I'm quickly learning a lot about the equipment, but I still know so little. So honestly when I look at ski's i'm too tempted to look at the aesthetics of the ski rather than what would be good for me. But, with that said, the Atomics keep calling me, don't know why though.
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Well if you like atomics, that's fine.  If you're going to have one ski, I think most would say mid 80 to mid 90 mm waist and 170-180ish in length.  Some metal probably wouldn't hurt either.  So the nomad crimsons seem reasonable to me - but I haven't heard a lot of people raving about atomics for skiing out west much.  The skis people seem to generally like would be dynastar mythic riders/legend or head monsters (which are the peak now, I think)  
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Thanks for the replys. A couple more questions; you stated that mid 80 to mid 90mm waist is recommended. How do smaller waists differ from larger? Also, if I were to buy a ski w/o bindings, what are things to look for in that kind of purchase?
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well a smaller waisted ski will generally perform better on groomed runs.  A wider waste gives you more stability and float off-piste (ungroomed runs).  There are lots of other things to consider though - construction/flex, sidecut, length...  Any alpine binding that has a high enough DIN setting for your height, weight and ability should be fine.  Make sure the brakes are wide enough.  HIgher end bindings are less likely to come off when you don't want them to ('prerelease'). 

Having said that, it seems like your best best is to try to have a knowledgeable friend go ski shopping with you.  when you ask questions like "how do smaller waists differ from larger?" it makes me think you have little chance of making a good ski purchase on your own.
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