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What should I ask for?

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I'm an aggressive skier and can ski any terrain almost anytime. In my mind I'm a 9ish level, if rated by a pro I'm guessing 8ish range. I would like a lesson or two to get better on the steeper off-piste terrain maybe a mogul field or two. I'm leary of signing up for a generic lesson. I want to make sure I get someone that knows how to help a higher level aggressive skier. Is there a correct/polite way to go about finding someone that is right for your level?
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Except for the agressive part, I would say we are at about the same point looking for lessons. The last few years I looked for semi privates or privates only and asked up front for a level 3 instructor or examiner. I would go to the SSD and make my request known. I would also talk to them before you arrive and try to make sure they have a chance to team you up with an instructor that will fit the bill. Be open minded beyond that. If you have a chance to get some buddies together that are about at the same level you are, you can get semiprivates usually close to the same price as a group lesson (depending on the price structure of the Ski School and how many friends you can put together)

It's a great way to ski with your buddies and still get a great lesson.

If things are not going the way you expect, don't be afraid to talk to the instructor and let him/her know your concerns. Sometimes it's just a misunderstanding and any good instructor will try to make it right.

and if you get a great lesson, don't forget to tip accordingly.

You are the customer. by all means ask. Every ski school I have worked with, when asked up front for these specifics, have done everything they could to make sure I got a good lesson.
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dchan, thanks. I'll talk with someone when I go out. Thanks again.
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Heck, I think they'll be some pretty good instruction at Fernie this year.

Think of it this way. They'll be instructors and good/great skiers, all willing to offer you advice for free (okay, maybe you'll have to buy some beer)! How can you beat that?

Then, you can chat with them here about what you're working on.
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A knowledgeble instructor, particularly a Level III, should start off a leeson by asking your name and then your expectations and your needs for the lesson. Then he/she should fulfill your needs and expectations through understanding and movement. Don't sit still for, "We are going to do this..." You are the customer, you are paying the bill, You set the agenda. Anything less and you should demand your money back.
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SCSA, Unfortunately, I'll probably have trips on both sides of the Fernie Fiesta but, just can't get the time that weekend. If I see some great Netsaver fare or something maybe, but not loking too promising. Maybe one day. I'll be heading out to SLC area March 7-16 if anyone would like to meet up or possibly play tour guide. Another possibility of being in Summit Co. for a 3-5 day trip (business mixed with pleasure) around the end of Jan early Feb if anyone is out there. Thanks again.
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