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AT Boot Recs and good AT boot fitter?

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Hey boot fitting gurus,
So getting back into skiing more seriously and am looking to have an AT set-up that works both in the resort and for short side country and limited back country trips.  I have the ski/binding part figured out but that gets me to boots.  I have never bought a pair of AT boots, only rented and they have never fit me all that well.  I last bought boots many years ago after working with a not great boot fitter but also was not super invested in the process.  The pair of boots that I ended up with fit me great and I am really happy with them.  They were/are a pair of Nordica Grand Prix RTs I think from around 2001.  I have found them to be  comfortable and  work well for me.  My foot is a bit unique in that I have VERY high arches and am a supinator when running/walking.  Also, my toes are also unique in that my natural position of comfort is flexed at 30 degrees or so towards my head. I was working with a podiatrist a couple of months ago in the hospital and when I showed him my feet he was so impressed with the height of the arch and the angle of my toes he whipped out his Iphone and started taking pictures.  Despite this, I haven't had great problems in getting running boots/hiking boots and to a lesser extent ski boots to fit.  so... I know that you can't look at my feet but here was what I was hoping:  any good boot fitter in SF, Tahoe or the Vail Valley that works on AT stuff? Also  could you recommend some AT boots that might be a good place to start demos? 

The boot that I am looking for would focus more heavily on alpine performance but could still go for day or shorter multiday tours.  Is there such thing as effective AT boot which pinch hits enough that you would really only want/need one boot both at the resport and in the side/backountry for my descriped application or is there going to be too much compromise?

thanks for your help.
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Most - if not all - good boot fitters should be able to work on all ski boots whether it is a Alpine, tele or AT. 

Most of my friends, including myself, have an Alpine ski boot/binging set-up for lift skiing and another pair of AT boots for the backcountry.  Its a very individual choice and is something that you will work out in time climbing and skiing in the backcountry.

I personally like a light weight set-up (Dynafit binding/Scarpa Spirit 3 boot) expecially when I am climbing 4000 + vertical in the backcountry, but then I am normally skiing soft snow and powder so its easier to ski powder with a lighter set up in those conditions.  If you are going to ski hard snow you might choose/need a heavier stiffer set up.

Sorry I don't have any specific boot recommendation but I am sure someone here might...
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 thanks for your help.  I appreciate the reply.  Maybe to refocus the question then.  Who are the best bootfitters in the SF Bay Area?  This would be better for me than Tahoe if there are good people here.  If not I could see doing it in Tahoe but worry about being able to make follow up visits to get things dialed in.  thanks.  
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