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Volant ?

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What happen to volant? are they still good skis?
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lkuhn, you might get more answers in the Gear forum.
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 Moved and changed title. 
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Paging VA!

I think Atomic Owns them now.  I don't know if they are still good, but I think they no longer have all the same all-metal cap construction as the Colorado-made skis.
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Ghost basically has it, the brand is owned by Amer Sports, and the skis are made in limited quantities by Atomic. They claim to hand tune every ski to exacting standards.

Towards the end of the days in Colorado, Volant completely redesigned the construction from a full steel cap, to a box type construction with stainless steel top sheet. This was a solution to the problem of delamination between the stainless steel cap and the carbon steel edges. From what Phil has often posted about the V2 (version 2) construction, they ski great but are susceptible to bending, far beyond what the full caps ever did.

My experience with V2 skis is limited to Chubbs and Spatulas. I broke one of the Chubbs. It is likely due to the sort of extreme flexing that comes from moguls and from dropping off of stuff. Anyway, they are destructable, but they ski very sweetly and above all smoothly.

The skis they make now are all of the all-mountain carve to crud type. I expect they are the ubersmooth skis they have always been, but probably not the ski if you're fond of bumps.
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So, VolantAddict, you seem to be the guy "in the know".  I have skied my Volant Vertex 71s to death.  I am trying to find a 155-160 cm pair that have been lightly used, without success.  Have any ideas?
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