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Park City where to ski

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We are heading out to PC in Feb for 5 days of skiing (no boarders).  We are all intermediate skiers that prefer groomers. 

So how would you breakup 5 days of skiing among the 3 resorts?
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Originally Posted by Mark Tebor View Post

We are all intermediate skiers that prefer groomers. 


Days 1-5 Deer Valley based on your preferences.....  But I suggest you expand your horizons.... You can find a groomer on any mountain.... 

We will be at the Canyons Feb 1-5....  but will probably hit Alta, PCMR as well.....

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Do a search as there's about 27 gazillion threads on this.

Anyway, for your preference, DV if you want to go upscale (and, of course it's boarder free ), The Canyons if you want a (little) adventure. PC, I don't care for.

Spend a day up at Snowbasin too, you'll enjoy the skiing and the amenities.
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I would agree with the other posts.  Spend you time at DV and Canyons.  Snowbasin is a good one day trip as is Powder Mountian.
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Deer Valley, Alta, Solitude and Snowbasin.  I like the Canyons, but not for groomers as most of them are too narrow and crowded.  PC groomers are mostly straight and uninteresting. 

Although most people don't go to Alta to ski groomers, the ones that are there are fun as far as groomers go.  Just don't go on a big snow day because they will probably just leave them be until the next day.  Snowbasin may be the best groomer resort around here.  It also has a ton of good off trail stuff as well and is just a great resort. 
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If you go to DV do yourself a favor and do the free Mountain Host tour.  I did this last year and it was incredible.  The guide that took us around knew some great runs and quick ways to get around.  If the other guides are like him, be ready to go full out the whole time.  It was about an hour and a half of serious blue runs with very little rest.  This is the best way to get to know the mountain and a great way to spend your first day at a resort.
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The more resorts you do for the five days, the more you get to see!

Don't forget you can ski night time at Park City till about 9pm. on their main run. On the good side: minimum amount of skiers at night, and great view of the city at night time. On the bad side: temperatures drop down 20-30 degrees lower than during the day!

For night skiing, check days of operation with their website, because I don't think it is seven days a week.
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Originally Posted by JamesX521 View Post

The more resorts you do for the five days, the more you get to see!

That's true but you can spend so much time learning your way around you "see" more than you "ski". I'm going to go a different direction on the advice and say there are no bad ski areas in Utah in early Feb. If your group is affluent, age 35 plus and particularly if it includes couples you will love DV. If you're single guys that have just taken up the sport and are on a 5 day road trip go to Park City. Some folks don't like PCMR but my wife and I are older and slower than most bears and we love PCMR top to bottom - left to right  - front to back. Stay at the bottom of Main street. Take the town lift up each morning and eat Ike a king at night. Hard to beat.
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If you are landing on Feb 12th or before, check out the quick start program for free skiing at the PC resorts (Deer Valley, The Canyons, Park City) on your day of arrival.  This i particularly good if you don't get a chance to ski much during the season.  You can go to PCMR and ski into the night and get 8 hours in.
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actually we are arriving on the 8th at 11pm local time so no skiing until Tuesday.  Current plan is doing the 3 resorts (2x at deer valley) and maybe snowbasin or alta (currently leaning towards snowbasin)  We we just have to rent car which Hertz is available at the hotel we are staying at.  Most of the group are blue skiers while I like black myself.
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which particular resort for each day?  Skiing Tuesday thru Sat, staying in PC, looking to ski 3 resorts in PC plus alta and snowbasin.  Only 2 more weeks and I see they are finally getting snow.
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As you get towards weekend, I think it will get busier as that is President's Day weekend. I would hit DV/ snowbasin on the potentially busy days. Re Snowbasin, the Strawberry side has some of the best high speed cruisers in North america IMHO. If people like groomers, hitting DV first thing in morning when groomers are untracked is pretty cool. I do think DV grooming is at a different level than anywhere else. I know you folks like groomers, but if you get some powder while there, especially if under a foot, you should really venture out of comfort zone and ski some. there's a reason why people like it. Just my 2 cents.  
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Park City for a week?  Intermediates should like Deer Valley (tatally overgroomed), The Canyons (much larger than DV) and Park City (much larger than DV).   I'd spend 3 days at each resort.  You will need at least two days to get around The Canyons, which conisists of eight mountains. The trails far away from the gondola are usually empty on most days.   You should spend at least two days at Park City, which is easier to get around than The Canyons.  All three have great ski schools,  

If you are alo going to the Cottonwood resorts,  go for one day at each resort and ski either The Canyons and PCMR for your last day.  I wouldn't ski all those resorts unless you don't care about lift ticket prices.   The PairPass deal at The Canyons is really good (life ticket, burger and drink for two), as are other offers you can get for PCMR.
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