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Whats the name of the european ski company that no longer ships to the U.S.A. the rally nice looking ones with the aluminum like top?

thanks lkuhn792
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volant?  but they are pretty much a shell of their former selves these days.
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yes thanks so much!
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If you get a pair and need bindings mounted, the shop might charge you for the drill bit.  When I worked at the local shop one season, we did.  I've never tried them, but I hear they were sluggish.
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My 190 cm Machete G Volant skis are pretty lively.

BTW When did Colorado become part of Europe?  There have been a few other skis with metal-looking topsheets.
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post

When did Colorado become part of Europe?

You mean you didn't get the memo?
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Lessee, so far we got Colorado in Eur-land .... soooooo ... less put it in Spain and we changed stainless to alu ... soooo that means .. ???

If I see my shadow next week we .... ??
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