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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum so please be gentle - but I know mountain people and are generally kind and lovable.

I'm looking at new bindings for my new '09 mantras which I bought to replace my beat '03 explosivs (yes - finally). obviously i'm into buying last years gear - why pay double?

when it came to bindings it took me a while to sort through the craziness that is look/dynastar/rossi/roxy blah blah blah which are all the same. could they make it more confusing?

anyway, i sorted out what is what and have settled on getting a px12 jib (or no lifter in any case). I ski hard but don't weigh too much so that works for me.

Here's the 'funny' part. In general 2010 px12 jib wides are available for $200 and the 09 version is available for $180. For only $20 difference i would normally go with this year's model, but here's where i'm stuck - last year's model list around  $300-$330 (the online stores seem a little inconsistent on base prices). however, this years models list generally around $250!!!

So finally the question is:
Are this year's ('10) models somehow inferior in quality of materials, manufacturing, or design? OR - is it just the recession or lower manufacturing costs that has caused the lower pricing???

i wouldn't want to pay more to get this year's model if it is 'worst' than last year's!

thanks for your time and input

think snow