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Weight on both skis & how did he ever....

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Ok I ski a lot of soft snow & weight my skis more evenly than most but when carving deep turns on groomed or solid snow I depend a lot on my indside edge. I have actually been working on more equally weighting my skis since a lesson earlier this year.

but how does Daron Rahlves blow an inside edge entirely on a steep turn and ride it out on the outside edge of his inside ski. that was amazing to me but then perhaps I do not understand.
any help
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practice and practice and practice. boring drills over and over and over to get the feel and balance of skiing on the out side edge of the inside ski.
As you get better and better at this as well as better and better at "railroad" track turns you will find that if a ski shoots out because of an ice patch or something like that, the other ski will pick up the weight and help you balance and complete the turn. It's not ideal skiing but it's a heck of a lot better than the alternative.

I started playing with the outside edges to get the hang of "leading with the Thigh exercises" I have talked talked about in my other posts and am now pretty comfortable being on my outside edges. I probably can't hold them like Daron Rahlves but if I get off balance I have somewhere to go
I love watching someone who is good at this almost skating on their outside edges. It looks kind of funky
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Gosh Bob, if I had known it was that easy, I'd have gone out for the US Ski Team.
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there is a drill you can do to get the feel of what Daron did in his recovery. Ski making full turns (looking across the hill when you finish). After each turn, traverse a bit across the hill, then skate from the downhill ski to the uphill ski. As the uphill ski gets weighted, but before th other ski is weighted begin the new turn. What you'll find, is that the ski which was the inside ski in the previous turn is now on its inside edge.

Bob Barnes, any additional info or details you could offer would be appreciated.

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For a couple of years part of my warm-up routine every morning, was a run on one ski. Going 1/2 the way down the mountain on one leg and then switching. That and other similar exercises (the Mahres "feel good"/"feel bad" turns and etc) made it become automatic to shift completely to the outside edge of the inside ski anytime the outside ski looses grip, gets deflected or goes away completely. Of course race monsters like Daron do such corrections at speeds and under forces most of us mere mortals are not likely to encounter!
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