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Volkl P50 F1 flat

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I've been skiing on Volkl P40 F1 energYrail (193cm) for ages. The skis died under my beating during the last season. I've bought some new P50 F1 (195) flat skis off ebay (should be race stock, how do I know that they are?). Anyway I have a Tyrolia Power Select Freeride 8 mounted on the rail of the P40s. Since the new P50 are flat and have no rail, I guess I will have to buy an extra binding plate, or maybe fit the old rail onto the new skis... Any idea about a binding plate that will fit my Tyrolia? Are the pre-drilled Tyrolia plates compatible with older models as well? As I am on a tight budget (which is why I bought some 8 years old skis, even though still factory packed), I definitely don't want to buy a whole new binding.
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P50 F1s come with a plastic hostage plate attached.  I'm still looking for some Marker Comp bindings for cheap, in Canada, eh?

I don't know about race stock, but these have great torsional rigidity.  They are very flexible longitudinally though.  Should make SL turns easy as well as GS.   If you are a heavy guy though you might find they are a little too responsive.  I haven't skied mine yet, but there's a review floating around somewhere. Just search for p50, maybe the review is by Arnoldtheskier, maybe. 
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