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looking for Pure Gold skis... any year any model...

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looking for Pure Gold skis.... any year any model
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Originally Posted by retroEric View Post


You've come to the right place: http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/72475/178-volant-t3-power-gold-vapor/0

 Pure Gold is different than the Gold Vapor from Volant. Pure Gold was Stein Ericksons ski, IIRC, it was built by Authier (Pronounced O-T-A) 
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I vaguely remember  Pure Gold Saw them out in Vail at one of the high end shops. . What I remember was they were appropriately named based on their price! There was a black ski and a white ski in their lineup. What year was that?
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
 Pure Gold is different than the Gold Vapor from Volant. Pure Gold was Stein Ericksons ski, IIRC, it was built by Authier (Pronounced O-T-A) 

Hmm, I didn't get the significance of the capitalized P and G.

My retro cred is going to seriously suffer because I don't remember Pure Gold. I, at least, do remember Authier. I remember thinking "why would anyone spend that much on skis?". Now I'm older and I understand.
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 Actually; I worked for Pure Gold here in Park City, Utah; worked through out the west in my demo van and did Superfeet orthotics.... the first skis were made by Henri Duviard... who did some production designs for Authier... but with drastic design changes we moved contracted production to Volkl for the last year... 
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Originally Posted by aschick View Post

Note sure if this is similar?


 I think that is the Pirmin Zurbriggen SL 
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I saw some Stein Erickson Pure Golds on eBay around two years ago.  They wanted $1500+ for them they were untapped.
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Contact John Helton- http://www.johnhelton.com/ he has a pair that he used for Telemark skis for years. He is in Park City.

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Actually I thought the early Pure Golds were built by France's Duret and the later ones by Volkl (based on the Targa) this was in 1983-1984 and we sold them in Pepi Sports in Vail. The Volkl version was 100x better than the Duret. I still have a pair of 207 "white" ones that have been drilled with the original ESS Var and Look 99 bindings. The rep at the time was named Toby something and he gave everyone in the shop a pair.


I am sure Authier had nothing to do with them.


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I was a Pre Gold Sales Rep for the 2 years they made these.


Stein Erickson was the poster boy and the business was run out of Park City.


SRD is right on the Duret Skis. They were made initially by Duret in France.


For the second round, the skis was supposed to be a cosmetic version of the Volkl Explosiv (at least that was the Company line), it could have been the Targa in reality,

I was never really up on the Volkls at the time.


I wish I had some. I turned my samples in when Pure Gold folded to avoid the dreaded "sample bill"!


The Volkl version was a much better ski!

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Tom....good to see your post... Duret made race stock skis for many racers & brands at that time, including Henri Duvillard, we had some good skis from them, but many production skis were warped, so I had to spend many hours tweaking them on a beam here in PC and grading them (white was better than black)... Along with Jeff & Trigg... The Black & White Volkl OEM wood core multi-laminate w/metal skis were based on woman,s explosiv GS race flex,with carbon graphite, the Deep was a newer off piste' wider design again with carbon graphite & no metal....(I cleared these skis through US Customs while Toby negotiated with the bank) These skis were great and worth every penny! The last year after our oil guy bailed we warehoused on Main Street in the back of Stein's shop, "Ski biz & Hollywood & Oil $ in the 80's" It was interesting how much press this small company got, next was a Rossi "luxury" ski and others.... Tom, I'll let you write about the party in suite with limo rides back & forth to the SIA show floor! I hauled a lot of champagne into that Caesars Vegas suite! Also the demo days in Mammoth, Aspen, Sun Valley, Vail, Deer Valley,and then suddenly.... It died! Guy's in suit's from a bank came and took my cool "Pure Gold" chevy van away... My wife was pregnant with our third child, PG skis were stashed through out the 2 bedroom apartment and under the beds & cribs, then I was hired by another ski company.... Never to travel to hang with celeb's or millionaire's as much as those two years...

Also we had a great full on race ski we had developed the prototype was" blue..." many local Park City racers got to test it and loved it...But.when the Oregon guy's left PC these super fast blue boy's went missing!!!
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Read this thread with interest as a donor just donated a pair of Pure Gold skis the the Mt. Hood Museum.  These pristine untapped skis are gold colored on top and yellow bases.  Graphics says Pure Gold and Stein Ericksen, a copy of his signature.  So where do these skis fit in the scheme of things you have discussed??

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I have two new pairs sitting in my office in Park City.  They will go in for sale at Jans Winter Welcome on the 27th.  Let me know whether you are interested.

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I have a pair here in Sandy Utah. That have been tapped and have bindings on them, but are only in slightly used condition. Does anyone have a good idea what theses skis are worth. I can't find anything on the internet but hearsay. 

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hello- do you still have them, and what size are they and how much do you want for them?

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Hey sorry for the late reply. I still have them. They are about 175 cm. I'm asking a grand for them unless someone can prove to me that they are worth less. All the information I've found about these skis is here on this forum. Hearing that untapped ones sold for at least $1500 + on Ebay makes me think that $800-$1000 isn't too bad for the ones I have. Even if I'm wrong I know that they are just going to increase in price as time goes on because they were a limited run ski. Thanks. 

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Sorry to burst your bubble but since you asked. I got these on ebay undrilled for $99, March 2011  and I was the only bidder. I still have the receipt.






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Thanks for your reply, but prices on Ebay are really are not a great indicator of true price. Now I know that I'm basing my price on ebay, but I've been lowballed before and if they really are worth something I just don't want to just give them away. I need an expert opinion on them. I've sold lots of stuff on ebay for more than I bought it on ebay. Some people who don't know what they have could easily sell the skis for less. Thanks anyways and I'll glad you got such a great deal. 

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For $1000, these would have to be made of actual pure gold. Just sayin.

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Hmm...then I wonder why they were near that price when they first came out. I'm not saying I'm right, but I'm not just giving these skis away. I've sold less well known skis from the same era as the pure golds for a lot more than $100 on ebay. Thanks. 

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looking for Scott Crusade 2011 white graphic 186 cm ....
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How many years were these made? Is any year more valuable than another? How would one decipher the serial number to know what year they are from?

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there were about four different production runs... first were hand made in Ogden, Utah with a soft yellow base and black tops. Then there are the "made in France" skis with yellow bases and either a black or white top, two different models black was stiffer than white... then the "made in Germany" skis... black and white versions were the same smooth flex GS all mountain ski, and the gold DEEP model was for powder... these were the last skis made... company went under and the bank gave away many skis to good customers and I am still looking for a prototype demo I had that was the "blue" model... a detuned WC race ski that was awesome...
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i had a white pair and many socal friends bought, too. was a great all mountain ski and got me a nastar gold at taos. also loved my volkl targas but those were stolen in summit county on a very sad day.
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Anyone have any information or advice on what to price these ski's at? I can't seem to find information about them and don't know my ski history as well as majority of you. Any help would be appreciated. Not expecting much either!












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Again, anything about these skis seem to allude everyone. I can confirm that the information that Rock of Park City gave is correct, but still nobody seems to be able to give a fixed price for the skis. The truth is that people are going to pay what they feel like when it comes to vintage skis. It all depends on how much they really want them. I collect and sell vintage/modern skis all the time on Ebay. I've seen people pay decent prices for skis they want, and I've seen other people offer nothing for skis that I've later sold for a good amount of cash. In the end you have to decide whether to wait for the person who really wants the skis or to try selling them for less. With a limited edition skis that is a hard call because they may become more valuable in the future. 

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