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I picked it up at the library.  It is a compilation of segments from 1961 to what looked like late 70's/early '80s skiing.

Best parts were the segments on some of the world's great racers of the '60's - the Mahre's.  Jean Claude Killy winning a WC Downhill and his famous 1968 Olympics.  Karl Schranz, Gustavo Thoeni making up 2 seconds on the second run of a WC slalom, Ingmar Stenmark, ( who is probably my all time favorite because he was so damn smooth and balanced) Billy Kidd taking a gold, and finally the Mahres each winning a WC at Stratton.  If I ever knew they held WC races at Stratton, I had forgotten.  

Other highlights were Billy Kidd and Suzie Chaffee skiing in Iran with the Empress/Queen in 1978, one year before the revolution and advent of Kohmini.  Stein!  Early freestlye competitions.  Great old footage of DH crashes and, of course, the Hannenkam.

Great stuff!  I will say this though - modern ski porn has much better music.