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Intuitive Big-2002

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I would like to hear anyone with Dynastar's Intuitive Big, 2002 model. Peter Keelty called it "amazingly versatile for a wide ski". I'm looking at picking up a pair in 178 with Look demo bindings. I have the Pocket Rocket in 175 and have demoed the Bandit XXX in 178. The weight and flex of the Big suggest it would perform like the Bandit. I like the crud-handling capabilities of the XXX, and would expect the Big to be similar. The price is good, now I'm trying to decide if I need the Big in my quiver. If it turns out I can't handle the Big, I will just hand them off to my son who is my height and weight but light years ahead in skill.
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Seen a fair number of that ski with a demo setup that don't look look that they have even been skied. I've got the 194 of that ski which is supposed to ski very differnetly than the smaller sizes as the dim. and stiffness are different. So I won't comment other than they feel like fat race skis.
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The 2002 Bigs were the same ski as the 2000 & 2001 Bigs except they had different cosmetics. They came in three lengths. One unique feature of the 2000-2002 Bigs was each length had different dimensions with the shorter lengths being narrower. The 194cm version had an 85cm waist, the 188cm had an 80cm waist and I believe the 178cm had a 78cm waist. Supposedly, each time you went shorter the ski got softer which seems to be true going from 194cm to 188cm.

Personally, I like the 2000-2002 Bigs better than the last version of XXXs. Their tips float better and the mount point is further back which I prefer for crud busting. The Bigs shine in the one area the Pocket Rockets don't---heavy, chunked crud. They plow through the chunks instead of getting deflected. Personally, I own a pair of 185cm Pocket Rockets and a pair of 188cm 2001 Bigs.
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You're right, the Pocket Rocket does get deflected by heavy crud chunks. I envision using the PR's for fresh morning powder and switching to the Bigs for heavier stuff, cut-up afternoon crud, slush etc. Of course I wouldn't expect the Big to be as lively as the PR's.
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I have the 2002 194 and it does everthing pretty well. If you really work it you can even do short swing slalom turns. But I still think the G4 may be the best ski ever made.
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Short slalom turns on a 194cm Big? Hmmm...I would be more inclined to clip a sail on to one of those bad boys and call it a windsurfer. I'm an upper-intermediate skier and would be a long way out of my comfort zone on that length. On most days, I'm very happy with my Pocket Rockets. They're a lot of fun but a bit more muscle would be welcome when the white stuff gets tracked-up & cut-up. I would expect the 178 Big to be a lot softer than your 194, much the same as the 178 XXX is a totally different ski from the 188 XXX due to the softer flex.
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