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AT Boot Shopping on the East Coast

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I'm contemplating an AT setup for the east coast and while I'm happy to order skis, bindings and skins based on recommendations and "guesswork", I'm loathe to order up a new pair of $600 boots sight unseen (or foot un-fit).

After checking around some of the local shops (including EMS and REI), I haven't found anyone (yet) near Boston with a selection of AT boots.  I'm up in NH and VT during the season, so would happily travel in search of happy feet.

Anyone have any recommendations for backcountry bootfitters in the east?

Thanks in advance!!
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 Inner Bootworks in Stowe has a pretty full selection of AT boots. Of course they have bootfitters too.
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EMS in Burlington had some.
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Originally Posted by cometjo View Post

EMS in Burlington had some.

Burlington, VT I assume, as the Burlington, MA EMS closed last year

EMS has 'em on their website, but none in the local stores
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Ragged mountain in Intervale, NH has a selection of AT boots.
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Originally Posted by OldEasternSkier View Post


Burlington, VT I assume,

Hey, you can also check OGE 
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For REI, with the free to-store shipping and generous return policy, you can turn any REI store into your AT boot showroom.  Or a couple sizes in each boot of interest, ship them free to the store, keep the pair that fits, and return the ones that don't.

And in addition to the suggestions so far:
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Both Ragged Mtn in Intervale and IME just down the road in North Conway NH have a selection of AT boots.
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