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Overestimated my Abilities

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The video's on Youtube make it look so easy!

I overestimated my natural ability at cross-country skiing.
I guess I need some tips after all!

I have a pair of Fischer Country-Backcountry XC Ski's.  My intentions are to do military type cross-country skiing in prep for future tasks.
I'm a hockey player and I figured I could just hop on these skiis and ski like a pro instantly.

It didn't go quite that well.  The snow we got near Lake Ontario is hard crappy stuff, but it's skiable.
I had trouble turning and well... it just wasn't pretty!  I found the skiis kind of "floppy" beneath me, there's something wrong with my technique.

So, if you guys can post some links to some XC technique/training guides/video's for beginner through intermediate and up, that would be a great help!!

Thank You

French Alpine Patrol

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Hey, I think I saw a bunch of you guys getting on the Bollin Fresse lift at Tignes back in 2007.  Who Rah!
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 Nice photo from your TR... but ya know... if guys with automatic weapons can't motivate you to improve your technique... what can poor saps like us do?   :-)

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Great pic.  

Were you guys skiing in North Idaho a few years back?
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Well, that's not actually my picture.  It's just the kind of skiing I want to do.

Thanks for the links comprex.

I've got some other cool pics of the French Alpine teams.
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cool pic. Hard snow is the worst for XC skis, as they don't have metal edges. It's REALLY hard to control a XC ski on hardpack. Trya grooved track & work on your style.

Good boot/binding interface is so important. If you are looking for control, NNN boots/bindings might be best (other opinions/reasons welcome). Ask around for help, keep at it, and expect the sliding-on-skis thing to become more comfortable

I recently switched from the old SNS to SNS profil boots/bindings and am amazed how much easier it is to skate...
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You should google "alpine touring" and Randonee
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