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Cyclocross Nationals

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Are any of you Bend Bears going  to attend the Cyclocross Nats this weekend?  Looks to be awesome weather for cross racing, cold and snowy.
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My dad will be competing in the Masters divisions.  Wish I could be there to cheer him on. 
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 Very cool.  Tell him best of luck.  Little Miss Roadrash really wants to start cyclocross racing.  She went to a race the other weekend to watch one of the boys on her team race and is now chomping at the bit to do it herself.  All I need is to have to buy her another bike
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I'll be watching some of it.  The cold clear weather is supposed to give way for a proper sleet/wintery mix.
Lots of parties scheduled too.
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 I noticed at the cyclocross race we went to a few weeks ago that there was a far greater party atmosphere than any road race I have ever been to.  I have never seen beers passed out to racers in mid race at a crit or road race.  Maybe that is way cyclocross is becoming so popular these days.
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 Corrine Rivera wins again.  This girl is amazing, 17 years old, has won close to 30 national championships and is beating the best women racing in the US in the pro ranks.
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Good races, great parties, heck of an event!  I think we have it for two years, so come'on out!
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My dad raced on Thursday and while he didn't place well (13th) he had a good time.  I'm very proud of him.  He's in this video at about 59 seconds in the Portland Velo jersey.
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