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Fun wif tah wedge today

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I was all finished skiing my new TENEX's with the Linken bindings today when a patroller in training walked up to me from the patrol hut with K2 Piste Stix in hand, complete with Riva Z bindings and asked me if I would spend a few minutes with him. I asked him what experience he had and what he wanted to accomplish. His answer was "I just moved here from NY and have only cross country skied". "I have not downhill skied much at all but I can do a decent wedge turn can you help me with some pointers". Since this didn't sound to strenuous for me I agreed to spend a few minutes with him. He started out with the skis on the wrong feet. Now mind you I didn't question how he could be a patroller in training or if he really cross country skied a lot. He had the training coat on, that was good enough for me. I did again ask him if he had any alpine experience at all. His answer was still no.
His wedge turn wasn't too bad although he tended to push the tails out a bit. All I told him was to get a mental picture of himself flatening the inside ski and shortening the inside leg to start the turn. I told him to make whatever movements and balancing was necessary between his two skis to accomplish this. I wanted him to play with it. I explained how and demonstrated what I was talking about. At first he had it reversed, flatening the outside ski but quickly realized it and switched to what I had explained. Within five minutes he was matching his skis at the fall line without even realizing it. Once he did realize what he was doing, the light bulbs went on brightly. He wanted more input but I said "you are doing all right teaching yourself, continue to play with it and increase speed when you are comfortable, two things, shorten and flatten". Gradually his turns became more parallel and he began to naturally drop his inside ski back a bit. He was totally stuned at his progress. It was a nice touch to the end of my day.
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Way to go, Pierre eh!

Happy New Year! I skied with a few instructors from back your way who know you, at the PSIA-RM Fall Workshop at Winter Park. I asked them to say hello--has anyone relayed my greetings to you?

Anyway, I hope your season is going well--sounds like it is! Love to make some turns with you sometime....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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right on Pierre eh!
I wish my day had gone as well. It was brutal out there today!! :
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