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Well, I just came to a realisation today after skiing on fresh snow and getting tired.

I do a lot of trekking and biking in the summer. Trekking in the issue here.

When you trek, especially on rocks, you have to keep your ankles supple
untill you figure out what is under your foot and flex the corresponding muscles.

While skiing, at the beginning of the day, everything would by fine in carve
or wiper, but then, as I grew tired, my pivots would become harder and harder to do.

Well it finally dawned on my that I would revert to my trekking stance where I relax
my ankles. Because of this, the outside trailing edge of the ski would touch the ground
and prevent my pivot.

So I just sarted saying to myself "Ankle, knee, hip" and my pivots became super easy again!

Just goes to know that the basics DO have their value and that you always have to stay
sharp, cause when tired, you can start to forget stuff.

So thanks to whom ever said it in another thread, I made my last ski outing :)