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Avoid Windham at all costs

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There Gravity Card (frequent skier) is $149.00 and offers minimal discounts. Other places are usually under 50 bucks and offer far more. I been breaking there balls cause I hate to see this, If anyone wants to join email the scumbags at  Power to the people for Christ Sakes! Im kidding but that shit is annoying.
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 You have a few options nearby. Letting Windham know why you are now a Plattekill skier is a good idea. Power to the people, right on! Stick it to the Man!
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Danny, Dewd no way, Plattekill u gotta be kidding me, man I think you should move to Huntah i hear lots of nice stuff about the scumbags there..... but where ever man, i'm with you fight on, the happiness of the fighter lies not in the end but in the struggle itself. Rock on  .

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I prob sound like an idiot but Im not even sure what Plattekill means. Im just getting back into this after many years.What would be the best mountain that is close to ny. Maybe even southern Vermont. I guess Belleyare is terrible but its close. Thanks again fellas.
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A couple of things to know:

1 -; see article at ; bottom line: $25 card = 20% off at Belleayre, Plattekill, Hunter, Windham and Holiday Mtn. (non-Holidays).

2 - Also see for other discount tix.

3 - The "best mountain that is close to NY"?  It depends what you're looking for. Personally, I don't think Belleayre is "terrible" at all, and I like Plattekill when conditions are good, and a couple of others depending on the day or the group I'm going with. 
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 Belleayre is fantastic!  It has challenging terrain and the more challenging terrain (especially the bumps) are free of traffic.  Even on busy days, the lift lines at Belleayre are not long!  

Windham?  Very nice.  I learned to ski there.  It's the most upscale place in the Catskills, very family oriented (I personally do NOT like that about it).  But the trails are good.  I like Belleayre better though because Belleayre has a great bump hill that you can enter and exit where comfortable.  At Windham, the bump hill is too severe for my level right now.  The lines at Windham are more crowded than Belleayre.

Plattekill?  I love Platt but it's got to be when it's snowed a lot.  Very, very rustic, no frills.  The scenery is great, the trails are great, too.

Well if you're comparing the above to world class ski resorts I guess one can criticize them, but I find the above three to have plenty of diverse trails and challenging trails and nice scenery to keep a skier happy.
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Originally Posted by danny4040 View Post

I guess Belleyare is terrible but its close.

Of the 3 (Hunter, Windham, Belleayre) I'll choose Belleayre ANY day of the week.  The short lift lines and non-existant crowds make it totally worth it!
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In the Catskills- If I can't ski Plattekill I'll ski Bellearye.
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My guess is that Hunter has the best terrain for the advanced skier in that region, but I hear Plattekill has a cool vibe and lots of freeheelers. The gang of Telemarkers I saw at Hunter last time I was up weren't exactly chopped liver. Not sure what that means, but I believe it's a New York expression meaning they rip.

I've only skied one day at Bellayre, in 1964. It was awesome! The first place I rode chairlifts. I skied the lower mountain most of the day, but I skied a run from the top in the afternoon!
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Windham does not suck by any means!  Great mountain when their are no crouds.  East peak never has anybody on it.  West peak has some good double blacks like wheelchair.  I do like Hunter more when the crouds are gone.  They have great snowmaking and harder trails.
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So there you have it Danny. You're just getting back into skiing?  best to try them all out, see what you like best, take some pictures of your trip and share them with us. Why worry about a couple of bucks one way or the other.

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Originally Posted by NYCJIM View Post

Plattekill?  I love Platt but it's got to be when it's snowed a lot.  Very, very rustic, no frills.  The scenery is great, the trails are great, too.



I'm a big fan of Platt and skied it countless times. But I can't figure out what scenary you're talking about...
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